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Help! Advice on laparoscopic surgery recovery time

I am brand new here so bare with me. I had a laparoscopic Oophorectomy well I had my ovaries and my Fallopian tubes removed. This was on Monday of last week and today is wednesday. The stitches are out and I have been researching recovery times and such. I am still in pain! But everyone including doctor think I should be feeling better. My whole abdomen still hurts and I am not able to like even clean my house. Has anyone had robotic laparoscopic surgery and still in pain how long or had it an it was a breeze? Any help needed here!

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Hello Michelle,

Firstly you are not alone and there's lots of fantastic people here to give you support...

I am 6 weeks post op today and I had total hysterectomy (ovaries/cervix/tubes the lot!) via robotic means...you are very early on in the journey and you've been through a lot and pain is to be expected at anytime, so please don't worry.I know that's really easy to say but,you have to rest as much as possible I cannot recommend that highly enough.I am a fit/active lass and can feel how frustrating it can be not to wizz round as normal but,you can really set yourself back.There's lots of healing going on and it's just a time to look after yourself and make sure you get the pain management right.

Please do call the ward or your GP again if you have any concerns...otherwise rest up and each day things will get a little better.

Best wishes,Clare



I remember when I had this done, they were surprised I was still feeling so sore after a few days. It turned out that they had scraped my bowel of endometriosis and that's what was causing the pain and soreness, it did go away in time, with plenty of rest.

Give it time keep well.



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