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Second opinion

Hi all how do i go about getting a second opinion because i cant seem to get anyone to listen to me and i seem to be upsetting a lot of people along the way which isnt my intention....i know sonething isnt right and i need to speak to my gynae i guess 3 weeks isnt long but im worried these cysts may burst and that could be a whole diffrent ball game..os there anyway i could get a earlier appointment or a diffrent opinion in 3 weeks i guess not ..thanks for listening

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Hi mortigger

There is a pinned post on the right hand side of the page called 'Getting a Second Opinion' which was written by one of our Support Line Nurses and has a lot of useful information. I hope this is helpful. Do get in touch with me on 0800 008 7054 if you have any queries.

Best wishes


Support Service Manager


Hi Mortigger, it doesn't sound too long but when you haven't had a clear answers everyday can feel like a year.

When you are seen make sure you take someone with you so if they don't seem to be listened to you maybe they will listen to your partner/ friend. Try & write everything down & tick it off when you get the answer you are happy with. Try & get to the point because I waffle a lot so my daughter in law takes over & I get a better answer from my onc. I ask them to write things down or print things off. If there is anything you don't understand or you don't like what they are saying. Then my daughter in law asks them to repeat it. Very often they say it so we both understand or even change what they said at first as if they made a mistake.

After seeing your gynae if you are still not happy then it might be an idea to ask for a second option.

I have been fobbed off by GPs & onc,s a like. I don't want anyone going through this not being prepared. You can be very good at putting over your point but GPS, specialist & onc,s are seeing hundreds of patients so they are even better than us at putting over their point or even fobbing us off. Good luck keep us up date do hope you get this sorted soon take care Cindyxx


HI, I understand the waiting is hard, I've had 2 second opinions and both times 2 to 3 weeks

I know you are worried about your cysts, can you see your GP? mine is very good. I think it's good to keep your local GP informed about my treatments.

Don't worry about upsetting someone you have all the rights in the world to ask for a second opinion, a good oncologist will gladly refer you to a second opinion, I had my third one this week with a senior prof and came away with some good advice and also very encouraging, He sent a letter to my oncologist and we will decide when I see her. this is the kind of treatment you should have. Sometimes we do need to take control and if it means asking and getting a second opinion great !!.. hope it's all sorted out quickly best wishes Lorraine 💙💙

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hi i doubt i will get one because from what the gynae can see there is no evidence of cancer im worried something hidden in my ovary or cyst


Your MRI that you had recently would have shown anything in your ovary and cyst. I believe your GP told you that the MRI showed your cysts to be fluid filled. I had an MRI during my own diagnosis because my ovaries looked bulky on my CT and the MRI showed a 5cm mass within the ovary.

By all means if your symptoms get worse go back to your GP or if it is an emergency you could go to A&E

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