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Hello everyone, so glad to have found this support group.

I am looking for a second opinion on post-surgery treatment options for borderline serous tumour. Could you recommend a good gynecologist- oncologist. Also very interested in remote second opinions, by email or skype.

Thank you so much. The best of health!

"Don't listen to everyone --- listen to God, your heart and your body. "

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  • Hi

    Might be worth you looking at the 'Pinned Posts' 'Getting a second Opinion' ? Best Wishes. Kathy xxx

  • Thank you :).

  • Obviously where you live will dictate where you will be able to go to see an oncologist/gynaecologist. I was at St Mary's in Manchester for gynae and Christies for the chemo. Both were brilliant. Good luck with your treatment ❤️

  • Thank you . I am willing to travel, if necessary. Best of health to you, as well!

  • I imagine you are in the UK and I wouldnt be familiar with many hospitals there. The Royal Marsden and Christies are supposedly well recommended and they are in the London area. I wish you well on your quest

  • Christies is in Manchester xx

  • apologies

  • Thank you for your reply, I've been trying to post a reply and couldn't it would continually go to another post. Best of health to you. xx

  • I travelled to Christies from Belfast for a second opinion and have been under a Professor there since March 2014. He is fantastic and is supported by an excellent team. The Royal Marsden seems to be another popular clinic for second opinions x

  • Probably the same prof. I've been under since August 2014, he's awesome 😊

  • He is indeed. A life saver for me.

  • Thank you very much for your suggestions.

  • Julie40 and Cropcrop, could I send you a private email for more specifics :) ? How do I do this on this site? Thank you, again, you've all just brightened my days ---- carrying this on one's own is no way to go...

  • If you would like to email me on I can send you the info.

  • You can e mail me at

  • Hani Gabra and his colleague Christina Fotopoulu. Every time. He is Director is also Director of cancer Resereach Bodies. They told us what others didn't and were incredibly optimistic.

    Laura Morland is his Senior Secretary in Oncology

    Imperial College NHS Trust

    Garry Weston Centre

    Hammersmith Hospital

    Du Cane Road

    W12 0HS

    Direct tel- 0203 313 1151

  • Wonderful! Thank you.

  • He is top of his game. My father is a Dr so we did quite a bit of research. I hope he can help, and if you have any questions I would be happy to help. You can send me a private email if you want to xxx

  • Thank you very much. I have found his page, and sent a message to his assistant. Hopefully I can see him sometime soon. xxx For the private email, how do I go about it on this site?

  • Thank you, everyone, for your kind and thoughtful help. I've got so much to work with now, Hope on the rise! :) The best of health to each and every one of you, ladies.

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