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Confused and tired update

Hey hope everybody is having a good day. Just to give update I had ultrasound and blood test done now see oncologists august 25th but called my own Dr. Office today explain to nurse I didn't want to wait till then could my Dr. Tell me she said she would message her because Dr. will call me herself or want to see me. So she said I should hear from her tomorrow. So here's hoping. Thanks for listening

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Hiya, I know the waiting isn't easy but you'll get there. The oncology teams are all really busy and I'm sure you are being seen as soon as you possibly can be unless a cancellation came up and you can be slotted into it and be seen earlier. Try not to stress in the meantime. Do let us know how you get on, take care and try not to worry too much ❤️Xx Jane

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We all know EXACTLY how you are feeling!! Waiting is not fun, frustrating and all consuming. It consumed me so much that I wrote a full blog post on Waiting here: cancercarerchats.blogspot.c...

Waiting is almost the hardest part.




Hi, You did the right thing in taking control we need to sometimes, hope your Dr gets back to you straight away with good results.. Best wishes Lorraine 💙💙


Thanks lorraine


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