Celebrating a clear scan πŸŽ‰

Celebrating a clear scan πŸŽ‰

Yesterday I had my 6-monthly US scan and I'm pleased to report all looks tickety-boo πŸ‘πŸ» I'm hot to trot for another 6-months...which is a HUGE relief and hubby & I celebrated by having an afternoon out with friends, in Stratford-Upon-Avon and an evening trip to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to see Anthony & Cleopatra πŸ’•

Peace & love to you all.

Jemima xx

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  • Awww great stuff so pleased ... looking fab ❀️❀️

  • really pleased for you...you look so well! Chris xx

  • Woohoo!! How wonderful!! Have a peaceful 6 months off 😊 (But don't lose touch with us πŸ˜‰) xxx

  • I'm never too far away Hun 😘

  • Fantastic news, Jemima. Time to get out the onesies and climb Everest?

  • Onesies are always out Rach 😏 & basecamp was far enough! More adventures planned tho 😎

  • We need more onesie photos πŸ˜‚

  • I can't figure out how to add more photos to this thread? Or can you only add a photo to a new post?

  • I think only to a new post 😠 It ain't Facebook or Instagram, that's for sure πŸ˜†

  • Haha oh well...I'll have to share more of my onesie photos on each new post i make! ;)

  • Wonderful news, love the photo!

  • Thanks so much :)

  • You must be feeling so so pleased. Great photo. Enjoy the play.

  • Over the moon...but also a little sad as I know so many on here are having a real tough time of things of late :( xx

  • Brilliant. Must be time for the next trip!

    Really pleased for you.


  • Off to SA again in Oct :) Can't wait as my hubby's (adult) kids are coming and then some friends will be joining us out there too...lots to look forward to (and always an adventure in the diary, no matter where it is!) xx

  • I always like to have a booked holiday in hand so I have one to look forward to. SA is on my to do list.


  • Brilliant news, long may it continue Pam x

  • Thank you Pam...hear hear x

  • Great news xx

  • Thanks hun :) x

  • Oh Jemima so thrilled for you! Envious too, love Stratford Upon Avon, lovely place , especially down by the river!! Enjoy your good news! Lovely pic btwxx Kathy xx

  • Thanks Kathy...love Stratford Upon Avon too, so pretty, especially down by the river. The heavens opened just as we arrived so we took the opportunity to dive into Huffkins Cafe and treat ourselves to coffee and cake :) Why not eh! xx

  • Would have been rude not too! xx

  • Brill news Jemima 🍾🍾

    Jenny x

  • Thanks Jenny, hope you're well? xx

  • Well done Jemima,

    Great news

    Carole xx

  • Thanks chica :) Hope those grand babies of yours are keeping you nice and busy xx

  • Absolutely! Haven't time to be illπŸ˜€ Also out on the boat,Ching ching🍷I'm sure you must be planning another spectacular journey soon,we are off to Sardinia beginning Sept and at the end of Sept,Lanzerote,getting some living in in case it all goes tits up 😘Xx

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you do make me chuckle! Sardinia sounds amazing! Please let me know what it's like. Also want to go to Santorini too! We head to my place in Spain for a few weeks in Sept then SA again in Oct & Dec 😏 ''tis my happy place (& always quiet work wise that time of year...) any old excuse eh 😁 where do you keep the boat? Did I tell you we managed to beach our narrow boat on a weir a few weekends ago!! Took a 2hr wait for another one to come along and tow us off it!! Haha xx

  • Goodness! Didn't tell me that about the boat,we have a very narrow alley to get out of the marina,we have bumped boats,ended up in the bushes,(with me trying to push us out with a boat hook),so, we have bought extra fenders to cushion us and others😬 The boat is on the Medway.I have been to Sardinia before,not this area which is Algehero, apparently an old town like Dubrovnik.Its amazing,beaches fabulous,Your trips sound amazing as usualπŸ˜€Xx

  • I'm sure you'll get the knack of parking the boat (& getting it out again!!) Enjoy your adventures lovely...πŸ’‹

  • And you xx

  • Fantastic news . Lovely pic . Enjoy your next adventure. Love Kim x

  • Thanks Kim...adventures keep me going...and there is always one in the diary to look forward to...some big, some small :) They all count! xx

  • Fab news lots, of love xx

  • Thank you hun xx

  • Fantastic news Mrs A! xx

  • Whoop! Thanks :) xx

  • That's great news so happy for you

    LA xx

  • Thank you LA...hoping some of my good news can rub off on you and others that are having a tough time of things lately...thinking of you xx

  • So pleased for you πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  • Thanks sweetie, hope you're well? xx

  • Hi Jemima , just would like to add my best wishes , great news... Lorraine πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  • Thank you Lorraine, appreciate it. It's important to share the good with the bad :) Keeps up all going I think xx

  • Fab photo. Fab news. You look great. Xxxxx

  • Thanks Suzanne - certainly put a spring in my step at the weekend :) xx

  • Great news Jemima. hope you have many more clear scans in the future xxx Jeanette

  • Thank you Jeanette...as i've said before, i hope some of the more positive news on here can rub off on those of you that are having a tough time. Thinking of you xx

  • Soo happy for you. Xx

  • Thanks :) p.s. have you seen the latest pic of the baby in your profile pic as he is now grown up? So funny! x

  • Thank you ladies...each little win is worth a celebration. Just wish I could share it around πŸ’‹

  • Great to hear your fantastic news, delighted for you. Happy days. Jo 🌻🌼🌺🌹🌸🌷

  • Thanks Jo, appreciate it! Whoop! xx

  • Wonderful news, your smile says a lot. Go make some more memories πŸŽ‰ Brill xxx

  • Thanks Jessica-Diane...it's my memories from my adventures that keep me going :) xx

  • So happy for you, that's excellent news!

    Celebrate lots!!

  • Thanks hun...we had a great weekend celebrating! x

  • Fantastic news - you look marvellous!

    Juliet x

  • Thanks Juliet :) I was certainly feeling good, that's for sure! x

  • Hi Jemima, excellent news so happy for you take care Cindyxx

  • Thank you Cindy...hope you're doing ok? xx

  • Fantastic news Jemima, that's great. x

  • Whoop! Thanks Zenaj x

  • So great! Makes the next 6 months even more fun! Love the photo! Enjoy!!!

  • It certainly does! :) x

  • Congratulations!

  • Thanks Neona! :)

  • Fab news Jemima! Good for you ❀️ love the pic 😘xxx

  • Thanks hun...hope you're doing ok. Thinking of you xx

  • Awesome news Jemima πŸŽ‰, keep enjoying yourselves and keep keeping well lovely. Hope Stratford was as expected. You must be due a holiday soon it's been a while πŸ˜‚. Big hugs of congratulations and lots of love to you both ❀️Xx Jane

  • Thanks Jane...Stratford was lovely (and I'm lucky it's practically on my door step). Have been once before but forget how lovely it was. Definitely due a holiday soon ;) teehee xx

  • Congratulations! That is fabulous news!! Kim xx

  • Thanks Kim...amazing news :) xx

  • Woohoo Mrs A!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!


  • Whoop! Thanks buddy! xx

  • Well done Jemima!!!! Many more to come!!

    XX Carol

  • Many more indeed! Never take a clear scan for granted, especially when I know of so many that are suffering every day. xx

  • Brilliant and love love love the positivity ...here's to many many adventures xxxxx

  • Thanks Charlie...difficult at times to stay positive but i'm all for celebrating every little win! xx

  • Brilliant!! So pleased and what a fabulous celebration xxx

  • Thanks hun...a G&T (or 2) was also thrown in for good measure :) xx

  • So pleased for you, Jemima!! Long may you be 'tickety boo'. Please keep us in touch with your adventures. 😊 Xxx

  • Thank you...and of course :) xx

  • Happy happy news Jemima and I'm so pleased for you. That lovely photo says it all. Drop in every now and then and sprinkle your stardust ⭐️


  • Thank you Molly...& of course :) I'm never too far away xx

  • Good for you Jemima! X Netti

  • Thank you Netti...hope you're doing ok xx

  • So delighted for you well done

  • Ah that's amazing so pleased for you πŸ˜„ I love Stratford upon Avon it's where my now husband proposed to me 3 years ago in shake spheres house in the garden (old romantic lol) great photo xx

  • Fantastic news, so pleased for you, well done you 🌻 Xx

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