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Amazingly a clear scan


I had been having stomach issues, acid and increased tiredness so i had set myself up for bad news as we do x it definitely felt like my recurrence symptoms. It will be 3 years in January since my recurrence and big op by lovely Christina in London. I only took the parps for 1 year after that as i just couldn’t tolerate the side effects, so i have been off them for 18m. I know its mostly good luck that i am still here and with a clear scan as its almost 7 yrs since my original operation. I just wanted to share some good news really and hope, that even after recurrence we can still do well x i feel very grateful to be writing this and I do understand i am very lucky at the moment, xxxx

Sending love and strength to all you lovely ladies,


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That’s wonderful news Diane you must be on a high🤗 It’s really nice to hear good news especially when the worst is feared. Take care. Dee xx

Bettyxxx in reply to Mammi

Thanks Dee xx hope you are well?

Mammi in reply to Bettyxxx

Thankyou yes I’m good.My first year on this journey so still at that nervous stage but helped so much by messages of hope from around the world 🤗X

Bettyxxx in reply to Mammi

Absolutely I remember the first year well xx you would think it gets easier when getting results but i dont think it does xx hope you stay well xx

Hello Betty.... I'm so pleased for you. What a brutal up and down journey this is for us all. We'll done to you and all the ladies out there trying to get through it all. Linda xx

Superb and very uplifting news. Thanks so much for sharing. Long it may continue, please god, and you'll remain cancer free x

Bettyxxx in reply to Newbie_2020

Same to you hope you are well xx

Congratulations and long may it continue!

Hi Betty, fantastic news.xx

Thank you Betty for sharing your story and positive news about your scan results. It gives us hope for those who are struggling....I wish you continued health. 🙂


Hi Jackie

I hope it helps x we all have times when we struggle, at the moment i am in a good place (well i will be when i get over the shock lol)


Fantastic news x

How lovely to hear a positive story xxx

Fantastic news. I hope you have a celebration planned, if not now for when this lockdown is over. 🍾

Very happy for you. Hearing happy news like this gives me so much hope.

Bettyxxx in reply to Kwiskwos

Thats good xx its hard to write about positive things when i know lots of ladies are struggling xx

Fabulous news. I am coming up to the last session of my treatment for a recurrence and wondering what the future holds for me. Haven't had the discussion about other treatments yet - to many other things going on with my health at the moment. I am so pleased for you and I hope you're keeping as well as possible in this current climate. 🤗 Jackie x

Bettyxxx in reply to Mumsie13

Hi Jackie x

I remember feeling the same and thinking i was now on a slippery slope but luckily i have nearly has as much free time as the first time round, and others on here have found the same, follow on treatments are much better and getting better all the time x the only thing i do is try to stay positive, keep fit and put the cancer away in my head until i need to think about it again, its my coping strategy. The only time I really talk about it is on here and this group is my outlet and leveller.

Fingers crossed for you


Thanks for your good cheer and encouragement. It's difficult sometimes to be positive all the time when you are feeling terminally tired and lethargic and not really settling to any task well. However I am doing my best to keep ahead of it all and seeing success stories and getting encouragement here goes a long way to help. Jackie x

Bettyxxx in reply to Mumsie13

I know that feeling and still have many days like that too xxx

Thank you for good news . Frustrating week for me so most welcome

Keep well


Bettyxxx in reply to Rankij11

I hope next week is better for you xxx

Excellent news, long may this continue for you. We always assume the worst I think so it’s such a relief when our fears prove ungrounded. Stay safe and well ❤️Xx Jane

Bettyxxx in reply to Cropcrop

I was very sure this time, but completely wrong who knew 😂

Fabulous news! I can just imagine how you feel. So pleased for you.


Bettyxxx in reply to Jacky5

Thank you xx

Hooray for good news! Thanks for sharing. Jane

So pleased for ,thank you for sharing your good news ,it gives us all a little more hope .xx


Bettyxxx in reply to fendweller

Every day and every week we gain a little ground against this cancer xxx

Hi Diane,

Great news but sorry for the stress/uncertainty you were having before the good news. Brilliant to hear how well you are doing. Keep it up. I am also 7 yrs. on come December with my low grade oc. but needed an ultra-sound scan Sunday last - I was in panic mode - but happily my cancer was still the same as my last CT scan, although I was told then that there had been some small/slow movement of it in my tummy/pelvis. Agreed with Prof.Jayson to watch/wait for 3 months until next scan/review. In the meantime he gave me a list of possib le options for me to choose from if required - hopefully not. I have, in the meantime, applied to go on the Frame trial at the Christie - had pre-assessment and bloods to see if I have certain defects before they go ahead. Diane did you get me message on this site regarding Zena's death - the lady who was admitted to Queen Charlotte's when you came to have your little procedure? Best wishes. Gwen x

Bettyxxx in reply to thomas62

Hi gwen lovely to hear from you xx i did get your message and glad you are doing ok too xx i think it came at the time my second and third grandchildren arrived a couple of weeks apart so its been all go here xx but very sad news x

thomas62 in reply to Bettyxxx

Hi Diane, I got close to Zena and her family over thelast 3 years and will be staying in touch with them. Zena was low grade like myself. Sad times. Stay well! Gwen

Such great news,which is always good to hear. I hope that this continues for you.

Take care, Caleda x

Oh Diane it is so lovely to hear good news from others. Thank you.

Keep on keeping on, Lynne xx

Keep up the good work




Bettyxxx in reply to mupash

No braca -ve xx

Fantastic news. Was it a CT or PET scan?

Ct scan they dont seem to offer pet scans at my centre xx

Congratulations, Diane, on your excellent news 🍾 - so pleased for you - long may your remission continue. Love from Mel xx 💖

Hi Diane, thank you so much for sharing this. I have a tummy upset at the moment and just had my monthly bloods done ( as I’m on Olaparib). You’ve made me feel so much better and more positive! All the best for a healthy future

Denise xxxxx

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