Lymphocele cyst

I was diagnosed with stage 3c clear cell ovarian cancer I'm a survivor since 2014. In 2015 I have had a lymphocele, it's a cyst with lymphatic fluid. I get it drained every 2 months like clockwork. It's large and up against my bladder. Puts pressure so I need it drained. Otherwise I'm constantly running to the restroom. Is anyone else going through this. Has anyone had surgery to remove?. thanks Liz

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  • Can they operate by keyhole surgery? Otherwise, they prob prefer to avoid major surgery at mo. I have a herniated scar but my onco does not want to aggravate the area at mo. I can live with it

  • So far they've been draining then putting iodine in waiting 10 min. Draining then they put alcohol in waiting 10 min again. They've been trying to dry it out. Not working. As far as I know they would open me up again. I'm not sure I want that. Good thing is it's not cancerous the fluid. Just wondered if anyone else had this.

  • I think I did ( it's quite a common after-effect of surgery ). Nothing was done, but then they weren't troublesome to me....I think they eventually just disappeared as they stopped mentioning them on scans. Good luck

  • Thanks, mine was smaller this time. Hopefully it will be smaller next time. Thanks for responding

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