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Was told today I have cancer


in less than 6 weeks of seeing the doctor and test nearly every week, I have had my ca 125 3 week ago and it was so low i thought i maybe clear it was only 14.

If you have read my other posts, then you will know i have had external and internal scan, blood tests, hysterocolpy, LLetz, Mri with dye...

I got a call today from the nurse who did my Lettz last week to inform me I had high grade CIN and cancer cells on my cervix, she is going to call me a week thursday after the meeting to invite me to the consultant for a full briefing (MRI was given as womb was clear but I have lumps hopefully external fidroids)

I am totally positive, but finding the close family and friends I have spoken to are very subdued, any ideas how i encourage them to keep happy and positive, and focus on what can be done and the quickness our local hospital has dealt with me so far.

Also can anyone have some advice the kind of questions i need to think of when i have my meeting to discuss treatment plans etc??

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Hi lovely,

I would say to them at the moment we are on the start of a journey we have to let it play out as it will we don't know what's going to happen so why think too much until it's time, tell them how you feel about it so far and go from there xxx

Hi Cathi, have to agree with Callmemum, it's not clear yet what's really going on. Letting them know how you feel is a good idea.

When you have this meeting take someone this you & have a note pad to jot things down. They will give you a phone number in case you need more questions answered.

What ever they come up with it will be overwhelming even if they say you are clear of cancer you will still be emoptional.

Please keep us up dated what ever they tell you in this meeting I am sure someone on here can help you. Thinking of you take care Cindyxx


They will have their ups and downs, the same as you will.... the encouraging should be coming from them to you, rather than the other way round! Many of us have found people react in unexpected ways. You've got enough on your plate to worry about them too much. (and yes, I know, "should" is rarely a helpful word!)

It's great you found this forum, but I wonder, now you've had a diagnosis, whether other ones might be more helpful.... The Eve Appeal deals with all gynae cancers, not just ovarian, as we all have. And the next one has a forum if its own.


Good luck with everything

Hi Cathi.....you are just starting your journey. As you continue and gather more information, you'll have a better handle on your diagnosis and treatment plan. That alone will give you as much control as possible. The other control I feel is so important for me is how I handle all this. I have found that my family and friends take their cues from my positive attitude. It really does help me and all of them. My attitude makes me feel better and even look healthier than I otherwise would. My sister still accuses me of "faking" my diagnosis just for the attention! Really, she is my big sister and would take this from me if she could! I'm very lucky.

So, count the blessings that you do have, hold your head up high, get your treatment plan in place and smile every....even if you don't feel up to it at any given time. I try to do all I can and put the rest in God's hands. What a comfort!

Wishing you and your family the best........Judyved

I totally agree keep positive,

this morning at work (an office of 17 good friends) i sent a gobal email telling them that we all need to think postive and never assume just deal with each hurdle as it comes,

my family see i am jolly and i think this confuses them, I have spoken in depth with them, explaining i am in pain but that does not mean i have to upset everyone around me, and asked them not to write me off but lets all move forward together and we can do it together...as i know i may be the patient but close family and friends will suffer too and I would never want them too.... smiles

Thank you for all your feedback and yes i will take a note pad good idea,

thanks again everyone

Can I ask what did your smear test say and assuming you had a colposcopy and biopsy to comfirm cancer cells as im similar at mo got fewthings going on but one is I had smear saying low grade so just had a second biosy because first was inadiquate so waiting results but because of other stuff ive had ca125 and it was 14 but I do have a cyst and being checked for endometeiosis

Cathi68 in reply to leeanne81

i went to the doctor as i felt run down tired feeling full and bloated all the timeplus 5 yr into the menapause but started bleeding andheavy water discharge.... she eamined me for bvp and had blood tests she also booked me inot a scan and took a ca 125.... scan external was ok but she wanted to an internal one... meanwhile i went for a smear test. doctor concerned with scans so booked me into a hystercolopy and smear came back high level cin so was booked for a colposcopy... womb good and nothing there... ca125 only 14..so ithought all clear...coloposcoy she felt unhappy with some area so she did a lettz ,,, that was my phone call the lettz showed it was cancer cells on my cervix and she booked me for an mri with dye now just a waiting game till i get called in....

all you can do is wait for your tests and i wish you luck fingers cross xx

Sounds like everything is on task and the suggestions these ladies made about paper and pin is one of the best ones if you can't take someone with you. As with any procedure be prepared for them to give you all the possible side effects or possible outcomes so that doesn't catch you off guard. Take this time to rest and get really good nutrition so you have a head start on this journey. Lastely you have a wonderful group of ladies here that will be here for you to support you through the ups and downs of your journey.

Oh right all looked ok with mine took bippsys because I said about all my probs may habe done them anyway I dont know I just feel with my all of a suden symptoms it was a little weird

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