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Palliative care - transition


I usually think of transition from primary to secondary school but I'm finding the transition to palliative care hard as it's tough to leave the oncology team and get to know a new crowd. I'm wondering if there's a way it could be made easier. I'd visited the hospice before (helped with their LGBTI policy). I would certainly recommend a previsit. But knowing who to phone is a problem. We started one night at 10pm as I was bleeding and got to the ward after a painful, noisy 10 hour night in A&E night at 12 noon. Noise was the staff talking as we were next to their long office which they shouted to one another down.

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It makes me so angry surely if staff had compassion and understanding this talking at the office wouldn't happen x

They're a team they need to talk, but it could have been minimised. And I don't expect people on long shifts not to talk to each other. If I had felt better I'd have asked them to keep quiet but my partner is a non-complainer. Even about dirty tea cups in cafés! But my daughters are quite feisty and watch out for the granddaughter who wants to be a human rights lawyer.

Oh I was next to the office when very ill,on a drain,pre op etc and it sounded like they were having a party every night.....I wish! I asked if I could be moved but was told I was high dependency and needed to be kept an eye on,thanks for that,well,keep it down!

My answer to that was ear plugs from Superdrug and an eye mask and it really helped,

Good luck Hun

Carole xx

I've thought of something that helped at the hospice - books. There were shelves of books that I wanted to read. Also being able to see the gardens.

I'm In Palliative Care for almost 2 years.I have to say both my husband and I would be lost without them.Its wonderful to know they have your back and give you a better quality of living.Studies have shown that being under Palliative Care and having the right multidisciplinary team helps you live longer with a better quality of life.

I haven't visited out Hospice yet but I have spoken to some women who have been there and they feel it's a serene,caring Place ,which has the best interests of the patient and family to heart.

I hope you get the proper support and answers .

Thanks. I don't think I've got 2 years but it's good to know you have and it introduces a possibility.

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