Carbo/Caelyx side effects

Hi ladies I'm new to this site, but I have been reading your wonderful posts, I noticed a few were asking about Carbo/caelyx side effects, well I'm currently on this for third line for stage 3 oc dg Nov 2010, my best friend is Mr Gaviscon!! He goes everywhere with me for indigestion ,oh and a good night's sleep would be wonderful because I soon as I lay down the acid reflux starts! But nothing else as yet,a small price to pay hey, good luck to all you inspirational ladies out there 😀

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  • Hi there Vonny ..

    A lot of women (including me) are on Omeprazole for reflux. You could ask your GP about it. Xxx

  • Hi Tina thanks for that advice I will speak to my gp on Mon anything for a good nights sleep not propped up all night! Xx

  • Hi Vonny, I have the same symptoms from Carbocaelyx, mostly in the first 10 days or so, but antacids don't seem to help. I'm thinking its not heartburn at all, but mucositis, which is supposed to be one of the possible side-effects. It makes sense, as my whole digestive tract feels sore and out of sorts. As you describe, it's worse when laying down and trying to sleep, and after a lot of trial and error, the only thing that helps me is sipping a bowl of chilled, unsweetened almond milk with some raw oats sprinkled in it xx

  • Hi Gina thanks for that, I think your right as my digestive system is def not right I will give that a go thanks sounds nice and soothing too xx

  • Ask your GP for Omeprazole for the acid. It works!

  • Will do thanks!!

  • Hi Vonny.....You might also try sleeping on a wedge to prop up your entire upper body....sort of like being on a lounge chair. Gravity will keep the nasty juices where they belong......and, of course the right meds may prevent them from forming in the first place. I hope you feel better soon. Judy

  • Thanks Judy i took some medication yesterday and had a much better sleep last night!

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