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hi ladies I had a ct done and found a two inch cyst left ovary dr done a transvaginal ultrasound found that my uterus is 13 mm am post menopause done a ca-125 came back normal doctor did a biopsy waiting on result from three days ago got a call from the office today to set up surgery next month to remove both fallopian tube and cyst still waiting on the biopsy report i have no pain or bleeding just a swollen stomach after meals looks like am pregnant but in a few hours it goes down anyone eles been threw this thank you

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Sounds like they are taking care of you nicely. The swollen stomach is a common sign that things are not as they should be for any number of reasons. So happy to hear they are moving forward with the surgery and not waiting. The earlier they can remove possible problems the better is for you.Best of Luck.

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