Hello Ime a newcomer. Have had ultrasound, tvu, ct and mri. They think it is borderline and am awaiting laproscopic bso. The waiting is the worst! Cyst found end July, 3 weeks before I recieved letter to see gyn. 2 week holiday delayed appointment urgent tests followed, now waiting for op. Am trying to stay positive but on a downer at the moment. How do you stay so positive?


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  • I know exactly let how you feel as I was in your position exactly two years ago. Once I got a date for surgery I felt so much better. Hang on in there, you can do this and you will. Big hugs, Kerry xx

  • Thank you Kerry. Seems like my life is in limbo land at the moment. Don't want to go out in case the phone rings...(I live in hope :-) ). if you don't mind me asking What was your diagnosis?

  • Hello. Me again Kerry. Should have read your profile first, ignore last part of my message. I shouldn't have had that 2nd glass of wine. Or perhaps I should have had a 3rd :-)

    genny x

  • Hello again Puddle, Not a problem. Mine was 3a borderline. Please try not to put your life on hold whilst waiting for the post, and the phone to ring. I know from experience that this really doesn't help. Keep busy and occupied. By the time I had my operation my house was spotless, and all my Christmas shopping was done. As for the wine, I'm one my second one of the night so I raising my glass to you. Cheers...... Love Kerry xx

  • Have been filling my larder with christmas goodies. Made pickled onions, cake and two puddings trying to keep busy.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, have a good evening. Enjoy the wine

    Love Genny x

  • Hi. I am also a newcomer. I have been reading posts for the last few weeks. I also know what you are going thru. I had a complex cyst that was found late July that was Suspicous for malignacy. I had surgery on Sept 15. The surgery was done laproscopic. Both tubes and ovaries were removed ( I had my uterus and cervix removed 8 years ago due to fibroids ) also removed my omentum for biopsy. I was blessed that when they sent my cyst to pathology it was a serous borderline Tumor that had not spread anywhere. No implants in any of the surrounding biopsies. I was so worried and know how you feel!! From what I understand these tumors are slow growing and don't usually spread if they are found early. I hope that all goes. Well for you and I will be watching for your posts and pray for great news!!!

  • Thank you Rhonda. Glad to hear yours was caught early, fingers crossed mine will be the same. Ct and mri showed no sign of spread just complex cyst in ovary, it has been getting bigger with every scan so hope they don't leave it to long!! Will keep you posted. Thanks once again Genny

  • Hi Jenny, with great difficulty sometimes would be my answer. Seriously though, I coped prior to my operation and diagnosis by throwing myself into my work. I didn't take any time off although I really would have needed to, I lived on pain relief and went straight to bed when I got home, In essence I kept myself busy, didn't give myself time to think about me and it worked. I am not for one minute telling you to keep working especially if you don't feel well enough to, but perhaps you have a hobby or would like to take one up.

    The pathologists report following surgery will give you definite diagnosis. Keep strong, avoid people with any sort of virus while waiting to go in and be as positive as you can.

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing. We do understand. Best wishes. Ann xo

  • Thank you Ann. I packed up work 6 years ago after running our own company for 20 years. We now 'work' from home but on a very part time basis as and when we want. I have not felt 'ill' at all, the bloating can be a pain sometimes but all in all I have been ok. Am trying to stay positive but think I had a downer yesterday ( should not have watched a weepy on the tv). Have been through the 'cancer' run with hubby (24 years ago) he still attends the royal marsden yearly. Feel much better today, must have woke up on the sunny side :-), even though it was 4am!! Thanks again for your thoughts cant believe I am looking forward to an operation

  • Morning Puddle, glad you're feeling much better today. I remember having one particularly bad day. It was when I waiting for an appointment to see the Consultant to discuss what they were going to do and I woke up on Saturday morning and thought "I can't do this today, I can't pretend that everything is fine in front of the kids", I just wanted to bury my head under the covers and hide away from everyone. A few minutes later my nine year old crawled into our bed for a cuddle so there was no hiding away for me that day. We went for a lovely family walk and I felt much better by the time we got home. Like I said yesterday keeping busy does help. I worked right up until a week before my surgery which really helped. I did have a week off beforehand, partly so that I could get things organised at home, and partly because my work colleague was "doing my head in". She's a very negative person and her constant moaning and huffing and puffing at work was really getting to me so decided to finish work and let her get on with it. Physically I was fine so I spring cleaned the house, sorted through all the wardrobes, did all my Christmas shopping and wrapped it. I stocked up the freezer and write endless notes for my hubby for when I was in hospital. Two days before my surgery I went shopping with my mother in law and sister in law and bought myself a new dressing gown, nightie, big knickers and loose jogging bottoms and warm fleeces for when I got home.

    I also remember looking forward to my op, I just wanted it out, hopefully you will get a date very soon. Keep us posted. Love Kerry xx

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