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Hemolytic enemia??

I have had terrible issues with my red blood counts. Even after transfusions they would fall back down. I eventually had to see a hematologist before I could continue with chemo. Long story short- my body is destroying my red blood cells very quickly despite the increase in production of them. I have had lots of tests and so far no answers as to the cause. I was able to finish chemo with help of a few more blood tranfusions and luckily am now 2 weeks into remission!

I see hematologist today but nervous because I'm pretty sure all tests continue to be negative. I have hit Dr Google and wish I didn't as it says sometimes the spleen is removed as a possible solution. 😖

I am hoping hematologist has some answers since last batch of tests 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Have any of you experienced this? I have not seen anyone mention it.

Thanks, Anne

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No experience of this Anne...just wanted to send you some support xxx

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Thank you! ❤️


I don't have any experience of this but am getting low blood counts throughout my chemo-my spleen was removed during surgery so I suppose that hasn't helped. Many people live normally without a spleen but I have to take penicillin for life.


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