When the world is great because you get good news

Mums had her MRI after the last chemo of the first round and the results are back. We were pleased to here that the cancer in her liver (which noone had told us about, infant when we asked about results from an MRI on the liver we were told "no news is good news") has responded well to the Chemo. Her ovarian main tumour and its extended growth has been reduced and she is ready for surgery. BUT the surgeon is not available so she has to have another Chemo on 18th and then see the surgeon on the 23rd so we "think" this means that the surgery will be happened get pretty soon after that. I'm hoping the world of Ovacome can tell em their experiences and shed some light where the NHS has left questions? Also is it common to not tell people stuff?

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  • Hi there.... you must be worried about this development but in my experience the diagnosis up to the point of surgery is a bit of a moveable feast. But hold on to the fact that your Mum is responding to chemo and is up for getting her debulking surgery done soon.

    Having the mass taken away makes the remaining chemo more effective so try not to get too hung up on the liver...it is overall response to chemo that does the trick. All best wishes to you and your Mum xx

  • Hi lovely,

    The good news is she's getting surgery and I'm all honesty another chemo before will only blast it further also could be an idea to ask for a 'hot wash' which hopefully will prevent it coming back even more unfortunately for my special person we didn't know about the 'hot wash' at the time of her surgery otherwise we'd have asked for it ourselves xxx

  • Hot wash? Is this when the flush out the abdomen?

  • Yes they put chemo into the abdomen directly on the area rather through IV xx

  • I will get my dad to ask.

  • It's very common for them not to say stuff. Sometimes they think other people have explained. But if you ask they'll tell you. It's best for parents to have a list of questions.

  • That's a relief. I sometimes wish I could go and ask myself. Dad does all the talking. I think he holds back to soften things for mum and wishes he knew more. I'm not sure if half news is better for her or not. I guess it doesn't matter really if things are progressing as planned it got to be good. Move forward not worry about what should have happened.

  • I think the health care staff may hold back on some tough stuff because they think people don't want to know. And to be fair some people don't. So questions are important. I find it hard to tell my daughters the hard things.

  • So my team are adamant that there is nothing they are keeping from me. So was happy with my NED scans to find out where my last surgery was showed no residue or tissue - great. However it now transpires that my pelvis had a 9mm spot not at immediate surgery site that still renders me all clear so officially NED as it's not active. So I would say believe in what they tell you as I know just because I don't approve of their terminology that doesn't make them wrong or secretive, more selective to what's relevant. Fight for what action you want even if it pushes outside their budget restrictions

    LA xx

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