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Aspirin v garlic

Good morning ladies and a Happy Easter to you all. My sister in law has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and prior to her treatment has been doing everything she can in terms of healthy diet etc. She had read that a daily low dose aspirin has been recommended by some cancer specialists but is obviously controversial due to the effects in can have on the stomach. She asked her oncologist in Harley Street what he thought of the protocol. He said don't take the aspirin but that three cloves of raw garlic eaten daily has the same effect. I was pleased as I have been doing this for a while. The easiest and most pleasant way is to buy the youngest freshest garlic you can, (less stinky) preferably organic. Crush it up and spoon it into a small bowl of olive or flaxseed oil. Wait 10 minutes for it's properties to be released then eat it on bread or toast. On top of salad or vegetables. Just don't cook it. If you can't eat it all at once keep it in the bowl in the fridge for up to a day. I rather enjoy it and no one has said I reek yet! Maybe too polite. Anyway I just thought I would share this with you as it was recommended by an oncologist. Hope you all have a lovely weekend as possible 😊🐣 and love to you all. Sophia xx

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This is interesting,so thank you for sharing it. If you do think that your breath smells of garlic a chef once advised me to eat I teaspoon of lemon juice with chopped parsley ( I use frozen parsley).


Thanks for your reply Caleda and a useful tip on getting rid of the smell, I shall try it. I also want to say if anyone is having huge success with low dose aspirin and no side effects, keep talking it! I wouldn't want to put anyone off what they are doing. Xx


Hi Sophia. What if you swallowed the garlic cloves whole? (like tablets) Do you think the stomach would do the dissolving work, thereby avoiding the garlic raw in your mouth? Pauline


Hi Pauline

Thanks for your reply.

I asked my medic daughter and she reckons it would pretty much go straight through you without being digested. I think it needs to be crushed to release its properties. Best wishes Sophia x

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