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Grading question

Hi, please can someone explain (or point me in the direction of an explanation of) the terms used in grading OC. I had thought I'd understood, but reading some posts I'm confused at the 'number/letter/number' combination and then an additional reference to high or low grade. I'm not yet diagnosed, but being fast tracked with a new ovarian mass and high CA125, after a couple of years of endo issues and surgery. I had CT scan staging yesterday, so just trying to get my head around the terminology so that I can understand better when I next see consultant, thank you and Happy Easter x

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Hey there, I too am trying to get my head around everything and I do not know my grade yet but I do know I am 1c, which means that the mass has either ruptured or cells have been found on the outer ovary or in the fluid, as my surgeon had to cut the mass from the wall that is the reason for 1c....where as 1a would be solely confined to the ovary..... hope this might help a little xxxx big hugs xxx

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Try this link from Target Ovarian Cancer. It goes into some detail regarding the stages and grades and also the different types.


Thank you, that's really helpful


You might also see the grades of malignant tumor cells referred to as 'low' or 'high', instead of 1 to 3 (borderline/LMP being the pre-stage in any case). Hope all goes as well as possible for you.


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