Tread softly?

I belong to a Facebook group that recommends products, all sorts but mostly beauty/well being. Someone has asked for recommendations for products that help bloating and she has a mass of replies suggesting charcoal, peppermint oil, pro biotics etc.

No one has said, 'Bloating can be a symptom of ovarian cancer, please see your doctor,' which of course is exactly what I want to do but don't want to terrify her or the whole group.

I should say something, if not that exactly, shouldn't I...?

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  • Perhaps you could pm her and ask her has she been to her gp lately and if not advise her to make an appointment.

  • Hi

    Yes I think increasing awareness of syptoms is a positive thing and best to pass on as a precaution to get checked out be GP especially if had syptoms for some time . You can stress highly unlikely but best to get checked out so can be discounted . Surely this should be investigated by GP anyway to get to bottom of issue. . Love Kim x

  • Yes thanks - it is absolutely about awareness. It's the least we can do...

  • Why do you not share the ovarian cancer symptoms that have been all over Facebook for ovarian cancer awareness month which was last month?

  • You could suggest that we all need to investigate any changes in our bodies and that we all need to check out anything that's not 'normal' it would be good for all your FB friends to be aware as a whole and it could be a good group discussion without scaring anyone unnecessarily

    I was bloated (not excessively at first) before other symptoms pointed me to OC, bloating was the change before the pelvic bleed took me to the GP, I assumed it was my body changing due to my age.

    Does she know about your history? If so you could message her and stress how important it is to get this checked, especially given that we all know how difficult it can be to get GPs to acknowledge the symptoms and how many ladies get robbed off with IBS, hormones or age related differences.

    Good luck with this, you are a good friend for wanting to guide her. I hope she doesn't have anything nasty lurking but it's always best to check.

    ❤xx Jane

  • Yes. Not good to scare people but to save a life?? She should certainly see a doctor and get it checked out. It could also be gluten allergy. I had bloating before being diagnosed with that 30 years ago.

  • Yes!

  • Hi there, since having oc I have became a bit paranoid. if any of my femal family members or friends mention any sympton that could related to oc I panic. When I notice woman with a swollen stomach if they look too old to be pregnant I start thinking its oc. I have two sisters both have swollen stomachs they know the risk in our family is high but they don't think they can get it. I am hoping they are just fat.

    The way things are going I am sure some have oc because the awareness of this cancer is poor compared to other ladies cancers. I was very lucky I have received awareness hand bag cards from Jilly. I give them to everyone even strangers.

    It might be an idea to say something to your well being group but I am not too sure how you would word it. Take care Cindyxx

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