I went to the Drs with classic OC symptoms (now I know they are). Ca a little up (didn't know what it was to ask further) but told it could be fibroids. The bloating and pressure quite uncomfy now. Saw the Dr Thursday and Friday received the Onc for an ultrasound, hysteroscopy and biopsy on Monday. Obviously I don't want to join you wonderful ladies but just wanted to say how reassuring this site has been. If the diagnosis isn't good then it doesn't mean life is over. I have found your stories comforting and reassuring so a huge thank you x

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  • Best of luck..hope you don't get to join us but we are here if you do!

  • Echoing Lyndy's reply, hopefully you wont join us but if you do then we are here to support you and show you that life is indeed not over . Wishing you well xx Kathy

  • Hope all goes well, let us all know how you get on, and remember we are all here for you.

    Ellsey xx

  • Good luck x

  • Good luck x

  • Good luck xx

  • Good luck xx

  • Thanks. Doubt I will be getting much sleep and statistically unlikely to be anything but my mum had breast cancer twice (35 and 42) so it's always hung over us. I am also predisposed to tumours and have had 2 in my thigh. (5cm and 4cm a year later). Still hoping to die of old age and being decadent.

  • Best of luck xx

  • wishing you the very best for Monday, hopefully the results will be reasonable and you wont have to join us but we are behind you anyway

  • Hi there

    I just want to wish you all the best for a good result of your various tests. Much as we may like you we don't want you to join us just yet. However if you have to join us then you will find huge support from all the superwomen on this site. Take care .


  • Thank you. It's appreciated. Fingers crossed and cava chilling. Although I will probably open that tonight

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