Nearly the weekend!

Nearly the weekend!

Hello you wonderful people,

If you haven't heard of 'Love Layla', check them out, as they do some seriously hilarious greetings cards etc (think a slightly naughty 'Moonpig') and I saw this & thought of you all.

Apparently summer is on it's way & the UK will have some smashing weather this weekend...I hope you all manage to get outside & get a little sunshine on your face ☀️😊 Always good for the soul.

Jemima xx

3 Replies

  • I was given this card by some friends when I finished chemo and was told NED!

  • I love cards like this.

    We are off to France Friday until Sunday, so fingers crossed for the sunshine. have a nice weekend

    LA xx

  • Hope you have a lovely weekend too, its dry but cool over across the sea here. Hope you are well

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