One extreme to another!

Well we can safely say things have woken up and are in working order again!

Since coming in I have been fed nutrition through a tube permanently. Currently having to try and sleep on a bedpan as it has started to just go straight through me and the poor nurses couldn't keep up with getting to me in time!

Hoping this means that the doctors will take me off it now when they see me later today and I'll be able to have a real cup of tea!!!!

Hope none of you ladies have such as numb a bum as me at this time in the morning!!!


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  • Hi Becky. Well it certainly sounds like things are working! Hope you get that cup of tea soon and you start to feel better soon. Thinking of you. Kathy xxx

  • Oh dear, Becky.

    On balance it's probably best to celebrate the evidence of the bowel working. I took me several days to et to this first light. And double oh dear for numb bum.... vaseline or similar might help or Sudocrem etc. They'll have these in the ward, I expect. Have they ruled out an infection pr might this be to do with antibiotics?

    The single thing that improved things for me after about 3 weeks of bum misery was going back on my probiotics. The change from spending most of the night in the bathroom to something resembling normal life was almost miraculous. When I told my surgeon he said he thought they should be prescribed with antibiotics. He also recommended eating protein when you get to real food. The first cheese was out of this world.

    You'll get there, but not via the most dignified route! xx

  • Dear Becky

    You make it sound light hearted however reading between the lines I know that needing to go to the Loo urgently is a stressful experience. I've only just made it and my dash was out of this room into the bathroom - chemo diarrhoea (with only hubby around) so I feel for you and hope that your bowels will be soon sorted.

    You're doing brilliantly,

    Thinking of you

    Clare xx

  • Dear Becky

    Yes a good sign and fingers crossed you get that cup of tea soon . So aweful worrying about whether you are going to make it to the toilet in time . I also remember feeling guilty about calling the nurses when they were so busy but as I was on oxygen when recovering from my big op needed help and time to get out of bed ! Really stressful . You sound in good spirits or are putting on a brave face despite everything. You are doing amazing . Hang on in there you will soon be home in your cosy bed with your morning cuppa . 😀👍 thinking of you . Love and best wishes Kim X

  • Hope it balances out soon and you can go without the urgency. And that you'll be drinking and eating. Lx

  • Oh Becky, I know that feeling well, I couldn't make it to the bathroom on time when my bowel blockage started to clear with all the fluids they had pumped into me, ended up wearing inconstancy pads. Hope it settles soon for you. Ann xx

  • Hopefully the worst is behind you now Becky.(no pun untended). time to get on with a normal routine with cooperative bowels. A probiotic should be quite helpful! Keep us posted. We are thinking of you

    Xx Carol

  • Hope this means you will feel better soon Becky xxx

  • Hi Becky ooo hope you get your cup of tea soon, it's horrible when you can't make it to the loo in time, I had to wear great big inconstancy pads which wasn't nice either.

    Hope you feel better soon



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