it's back !

My cancer has returned,in lymph nodes and peritoneam. so more chemo a stronger one this time paclitaxel/mitoxantrone, has anyone had this cocktail? whats the side effects like? Anyway got to take it on the chin, going down to Cornwall tomorrow to visit the grandchildren so lots of laughs and back next week ready again for the onslaught. Hope you all have a great Easter even if the weather is against us. Lots of love Sue x

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  • Sorry to hear your news Sue. It is a bit of a B..... this OV.

    I haven't heard of your chemo combination. I am amazed at all the different ones. Must write yours down to suggest to my oncologist when I see her in a couple of weeks.

    Hope you have a Happy weekend with the family. And best wishes for the treatment.

    Luv'n'hugs Suex

  • Sue, so sorry to hear of your relapse - we just can't kick this blasted ovarian cancer can we. I have certainly never heard of Mitoxantrone and did a Google search, the drug is even used for the treatment of MS.

    Have a great Easter with the family and I wish you every success on your new treatment.

    Love Anna xx

  • Hi Anna,

    I ve read your comment, so I need to ask you some questions if it's ok? My mum is suffering from colorectal cancer which she had since 10 years ago and it came back again 2 years ago. By the way she's on chimo+ Avastin which has started on Saturday and she has got vomiting problem.As far as I concerned you are under Avastin treatment, could you plz let me know what sort of side effect you had and how much did you find it useful.

    All my best to you, my mum and all the people who suffer from cancer.

    Jamak xx

  • Hi Sue

    Sorry to hear about this development. I'm sure you will have a lovely Easter with your family, olenty of love and laughs ..... and come back ready to give it hell! I hope the new chemo regime is not as bad as some and it goes without saying that I (and all us other OCclub women) are rooting for you. You have seen the thread BBFC on the search box, have you? Worth a look ;-)

    Love and hugs

    Wendy xx

  • Happy Easter, Sue!

    Sorry you have more treatment ahead - but put it out of your mind for now.


  • Hello Sue

    Have a really good Easter, Cornwall plus grandchildren should keep you happy and occupied and b***** the OC for a while. I've not heard of your next chemo but as will probably be on 4th line treatment myself by the summer have decided to do more research on chemo options this time. Will add this and hope all goes well for you.

    Meryl XXXXX

  • have a good break, I live in Cornwall, off to our Sunrise centre today to see the onc. after my first treatment with a different cocktail, so far so good, fingers crossed feeling really well. Maybe I should feel terrible for it to work? Diane xxx

  • I thought this - but was assured not. Your bloods will show something is happening because your white cells and platelettes gte knocked around.

    Love Lizzie


  • yes, I have since spoken to my onc and she says depends on the enzymes in your blood, thanks Lizzie, love Diane xxx

  • Dear Daisy, Don"t worry if you don't feel bad. Nor did I but the chemical concoction did the trick. Love Annie

  • So good to hear, thank you Whippit, I am just back from overnight stay in hospital to do my chemo, now feel pretty sick! love Diane xxx

  • Hi Sue

    Sorry to hear your news, what a b****r. Still try to put it to the back of your mind whilst you are in Cornwall, one of my favourite parts of the country. This will build up your 'fighting' reserves. Happy Easter to you and all the ladies on this site.

    Love and hugs Chris x x

  • Hi Sue,

    Really sorry to hear your news, haven't heard of your new treatment, but then hadn't heard of my new treatment either, there do seem to be lots of different combinations, I have a feeling it's all a bit trial and error as no one thing gets rid of this horrible cancer. I'll be starting mine on Friday 13th April, so am going to try to enjoy easter with the children and grandchildren as well. Have a great time in Cornwall ready to start again.

    Love George xx

  • Hi Sue,

    Sorry OC is back, hope the new treatment works well for you .

    I wish you a stress free time in husband is from Devon I lived there for a while I love it down there .. My best wishes for Easter.

    Love xx Gwneth xx

  • Hi Sue ,

    So very sorry to hear your news , I am sure your trip to see your grandchildren will lift your spirits have a way of doing that .... Have a lovely Easter xx

    Love Janet xxx

  • Hi Sue,

    So, so sorry to hear your news. If you are feeling well though, that is a very positive thing and as the others say, go and try and have a lovely Easter knowing you have a plan the other side of it.

    Love Lizzie


  • Dear Sue, I just want to say...... ah bugger, bollox and a few more expletives I best not use to describe how I feel for your recent setback.

    What is it we have to do to keep this little shit at bay.Is there anyone out there , in this huge Universe not came up with the magic, mystical solution to stop this,this ugly f######g critter. Lets be hoping that the treatment your docs have in mind for you,(seems a bespoke concoction is just for you Sue)will be the perfect one for you.

    You keep your chin up chuck , and enjoy your holibobs with the family , they are the best distraction in the world to occupy your mind, until you start your new treatment.

    Love and best wishes

    Suzie que


  • Ditto to Suzie's comments! Hope you are enjoying Cornwall and grandchildren, I just got back after a great week in Devon with mine! Good luck with the next round of treatment.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments and support, you dont know what a difference this has made,youve given me a lift, ready for the onslaught. We had a great time and lots of fun with (Bridie 4 and Joseph 2) where do they get their energy? we are exhausted, but worth every minuite. Thanks again for your good wishes. Love to you all x

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