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CA 125 question

I recently had a complete Laparoscopic Hyst with Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy for a 8cm mass on my right ovary. My CA 125 was 128.7 prior to the surgery. The mass was diagnosed as a Borderline Mucinous tumor. My surgeon says this won't need any follow up treatment except for monitoring every 6 months and repeat CA 125. How long should it take for the CA 125 to return to normal? This all seems so confusing and while I'm happy with my outcome, I'm fearful the cancer could still be there somewhere else just not detected. Thanks in advance for any info or advice

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Hi, Jackie Sue.

I too had a mucinous tumour, though unfortunately mine was malignant. I think the first follow up CA125 I had was 6 months after the op and it was 12 at that point, having been 63 before the operation.

It's natural to feel very worried and confused at this point. A good chat with either your CNS or the ovacome nurse (I think it's Anna who has taken over on Ruth's retirement, but could be wrong there...) might help to set your mind at rest. I know I found talking to my CNS really helped!

Oh, and just to reassure you, my operation was 5 and a half years ago, and I have been NED (no evidence of disease) ever since. I hope and expect that you will do as well!

All the best,




Thanks so much for the reassurance. This is all so new and I'm learning news things every day. I'm cheering for your continued good health and feel blessed that you could offer me some good advice!

Thanks again,



Hi Jacki Sue

Good to know it was borderline mucinous. As mucinous acts like bowel cancer they often do the CEA test and CA19-9 as they have for me. Maybe because you are borderline they don't think it is worth it for you but might be worth asking the question.



hi Jackie Sue, I don't now what the answer to your question is but with every time you have your ca125 bloods done note the level of the CA125. What I did was i had more CA125 tests done in my local GP to keep a better eye on them myself. ( for peace of mind )

this might help you ?? good luck with everything



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