Snow is good for the soul! ❄️

Snow is good for the soul! ❄️

Hello wonderful people,

Apologies for my quietness of late...we jumped from one wintry trip to another with a scan and Oncologist visit sandwiched in between!!

I just wanted to send you all a little vitamin D from a very sunny Selva, Italy. Shot taken yesterday (I'm on the left) with my beau, his daughter and her husband.

Looking forward to getting back to Blighty and catching up with all your news! Thinking of you all as always.

Jemima xx


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21 Replies

  • So missed my snow fix this year. Enjoy


  • Love the mountains...we were lucky and had a big dump of snow on the first night which kept the snow good until about Thurs. it's just getting too warm now but at least the sun has come out to see us home ☺ xx

  • You're so right, snow is good for the soul, and the mountain air. Wish we'd had more snow this winter (East Sussex) despite being somewhat deficient in mountains.

    Enjoy your holiday. ⛷⛷

  • I love the snow...seems to just cause havoc when we get it in the UK! Well, that and snow days, which everyone loves :) Had a lovely time thanks x

  • Looks fabulous, enjoy your vitamin D shots, have a safe journey home Jemima ❤xx Jane

  • I could almost feel the vit D being absorbed into my body! Home safe and sound and very much back to reality :) xx

  • Whilst I'm not a fan of skiing your photo made me smile! Loving the red & you look like you're having great fun. Woo Hoo Living life to the full! Love it xxx

  • I'm glad my photo made you smile Sarah, especially as you seem to be having such a tough time of late. Live life to the full indeed...where we can xx

  • Lovely photo Jemima,though not as impressive as your location,it's actually warm and sunny here,so much I have the bi folds open!

    You thoroughly enjoy yourself,I've never been skiing ,think I'm a bit past it now,more into spas at my age!

    Take care,

    Carole xx

  • Thanks hunny - we had such a fab time. I only started skiing when i met my husband...never past it love, even if its just for a frolic in the white stuff ;) Hope you're doing ok? J xx

  • I'm fine thanks love,busy doing up a house to let and my daughter gives up work in a week so 5 weeks before new arrival,so excited!! Xx

  • How exciting indeed! Enjoy every minute of it! xx

  • Will do,let us know when you are in the area for a meet up,keep in touch


  • Mrs action women ... your inspiration have fab time 🥂🤗🤗

  • Haha thanks's amazing what you can do when you're feeling more like yourself. And something I never take for granted! Sending you all some of those positive, healthy, vit D vibes :) xx

  • On skis? Oh my, I have lots of pictures of other people on skis, I'm guessing snow is the new sun. Looks fab.

    LA xx

  • Lol yes on skis...I guess I only started 5-6 years ago but just love being in the mountains now :) Snow and combo! xx

  • Wow your escapes leaves us girls breathless

  • They leave me a little breathless at times! 2017 was always going to be a big year of travel for me (which is why last year's medical smack in the face felt even worse)...but damn it...I shall plod on with my adventures come hell or high water! :) x

  • Oh Jemima, Selva is beautiful in winter and summer also. Our daughter and son worked there for a couple of summers and our daughter now lives just over the other side of the mountain in canazei, Val di fassa. We stayed there for Christmas and new year. Its so beautiful. The mountains are good for the soul. ❤🏔

  • Ah I bet they absolutely loved Selva - it's just so beautiful. Been going there for 5-6 years now (my husband has been visiting for over 17 years) so it has a very special place in our hearts. Definitely good for the soul :) x

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