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Will my hair grow?

last year, after my third chemo, my hair grew thick and fast. Started on the chemo again in December and my very last chemo was January 24th

My hair doesn't seem to be starting to grow. I have an area of fuzzy gray hair like an old man but that's it. This wasn't the pattern before and now I'm getting really worried that it won't grow back. Xxx

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Hi Suzanne

I'm just a bit behind you with 2 more chemo to go. After debulking 4.5 weeks ago my hair has got a nice fluffy chick coating but I know this will fall out again before my 6th chemo is done. I guess that the poor hair follicles are so confused, but I am certain that your hair will return, it might just take a bit longer. It's only been 6 weeks for you hasn't it?

I'm also finding that my eyebrows finally want to give up now, but I'm growing a moustache 😜!!

Perhaps some hair and nail supplements might help, but I'm sure it's just st a bit more time that's needed

Marian xxx


Hi Suzanne,

Well I'm just 2 days behind you with the last chemo ! Mine being the 26th of Jan .. I've got exactly the same growth as you , and equally experienced the same pattern last year !! I've stubbly eyelashes, if you can call 3 hairs lashes !!! Eyebrows gone on holiday too ! No hair anywhere else either 😳.... would be lovely to see a bit of proper growth of the bonnet wouldn't it ?

Hey on the positive side , we are going alright aren't we 🙏🏼👌🎉!!!

Lots of love ❤️

Jackie xx


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