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I hope everyone is joining up to Voices to lobby for more action to conquer Ovarian Cancer. The newsletter this month includes an article on Professor Hani Gabra’s latest research publication on OPCML, a tumour suppressor, which may lead to a new therapy using natural proteins instead of chemotherapy.

Natural protein sounds a lot more bearable to me than chemotherapy.

love to you all. xxx Annie

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Thanks for this link Annie , very interesting.

Love Anna xx


yes tahnk you from me too x on 3 rd round of chemo to shrink tumour and surgery in 19 days x


Thank you from me too. I am between treatments but anxious about next lot when it comes as allergic to carbo, can't have taxol and cisplatin was not effective! Any other treatment is a light in the dark.


Hi Annie, how do we join Voices ?


Dear Aliglen

Go to the site: You will find the registration procedure in the left-hand pane. 'Register as an Ovarian Cancer Voice'. Click on that and you'll see the instructions for completing the online Joining Form.

The website is to make people more aware of Ovarian Cancer, to find about ongoing research, and to make an active contribution. Next month, May, is Ovarian Cancer Month. Voices will supply materials for you to set up a display in your local library or any other places you have access to. They also encourage people to fundraise, to offer talks to local groups, etc. There's a lot you can do if you're feeling well enough but most of the high profile events seem to be in London at the moment. I'm hoping to do something in Cardiff next month.

Hope you find the site and registration form.

best wishes.



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