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Oophorectomy post-menapausal?

Hello! I'm new here and found this site because I was looking for information on ovary removal post-menapausal. My mother died from OC and my sister and I have had stage 0 breast cancer. I have tested positive for a defective RAD50 gene and probably should have my ovaries removed before it is too late but am hesitating for some reason. Does anyone have experience with a mutant RAD50 gene and/or post-menapausal oophorectomy recovery and side effects? Thank you!

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Probably a majority of us on here - but not all by any means - were post menopausal when we had the surgery. This does make it much easier to cope with. It's really tough for those who have a surgical menopause as a result.

Most of us who have it also have other treatment, either more surgery or chemo so I suspect we would cope less well than when it's done "just" prophylactically.

I know RAD51 is of interest , but don't know anything about RAD50.

Good luck with the decision making.


Thank you for responding. It is difficult since there are no reliable tests available as we all know so I could have OC and not know it yet. My prayers are with everyone here going through this horrible disease.


I was post menopause when I had my hysterectomy and have been having mini hot flushes since. Nothing I can't deal with but it is a bit annoying to go through it twice.

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Thank you for responding. Good to know and prepare for.


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