Hi. Ladies, l was diagnoses July 2015 had no debulking surgery but with stoma. I went through chemo, and 12 treatments of Aavastin with no major problems. I started to feeel very tired and last I had a very mini I stroke, right hand and slight slurred speech. All nearrl. Back to normal' was admitted the Hosp c t / MRI scan showed small area in brain, so I am seeing oncologist today. To see what is going to happen, has anyone got any ideas????? Thanks for taking time I,ii keeep you imformed

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  • No ideas, but sending you lots of good wishes. You have had a lot to deal with. xx

  • Hello Valo, Got a little worried for you there, I,m guessing you are not having a good night as you must have posted about 3.30 am. I had a look at your profile. but I can,t tell if you are on your own there, if you are and want a chat I am about. Not able to help much with your oncology questions, but am sure one of the Ladies will be online in a while. Gosh, you have been through the mill. My mum had a T.I.A or mini stroke last year, she is absolutely fine now and back to her old self thank goodness, though some days are better than others of course, but overall everything has returned to normal. Well, normal for my mum!. marie. x

  • I must of been typing the same time as Mac, , I forgot to say very best wishes for today. x

  • Oh gosh I don't think you can second guess this one. Good luck with your appointment. Wishing you back to health. Sandra xx

  • I hope the appointment went well for you Valo and that you got answers and reassurance. You have been through a rough patch to say the least and I pray you turn a corner into a good place.


  • I'm not sure I can offer any advice Valo but sounds like you're having a very scary time of it so I just wanted to offer a gigantic virtual ((hug)) & plenty of positive vibes for the road ahead.

    Jemima xx

  • Thank you all for your good wishes, unfrortunately it was. Not the good news I wanted there are cacncer cells on my brain. So I 'm going to have 3 more chemo and see what worked last time so why not now. My bloods have all come back good so here we go again.

  • Wishing you the very best Valo!


  • I'm sorry to hear your news. It must be very worrying and frightening too for you but you've got a positive attitude so that will Stan you in good stead. Biug hugs. Ann xx

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