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Confused about SBT & Omentum

I had surgery 12-14-16 to remove a cyst, left ovary, & tube. Pathology showed it was a SBT. I was sent to GYN/Onco for treatment. I was classified as 2a. I have just undergone surgery again to remove the right ovary & tube ( I had to have my uterus and appendix taken out in 1979 so they aren't a problem), so I thought all would be fine. The pathology report showed all was fine the day of the surgery, but 2 days later the nurse calls to say it now shows SBT in the omentum. I am wondering will this mean more surgery to take the omentum out or what? The doctor puts me at a 3a now. It's hard to find much about this online.

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Hi Lovely,

Your best source of information will be your Oncologist, CNS (Cancer Nurse Specialist) or Macmillan centre, they can give you lots of information or call the ovacome team who will also point you in the direction of information you want to know.



Ah CJ it sounds like you've properly been in the wars :( Definitely use your CNS/Oncologist/medical team as your first port of call for information. Dr. Google is definitely not a good idea especially when things are so vague! Alternatively you can contact the Ovacome team on here as CallmeMum has also suggested. It sounds like you have a lot of questions (quite rightly) which need some answers quick smart so you can get your head around everything. I hope your recovery from your latest op has at least, been smooth and you're not in too much pain. Whilst all this is going on, try to remember to rest as much as you can and just take each day as it comes.

Thinking of you. Jemima xx


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