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Just back from scan results after finishing first line chemo the winner is me not to go back for 3 months scan was clear xxxx

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Yayyyyyy!!!! 🎉🎉❤️


Great news- yippee 💐🍾🤗xxxxx

Absolutely fab news 🎉🎉. Now sit back and enjoy life

Fantastic news x

Great news! So pleased for you

So so pleased for you and I hope you can relax, even a little bit helps ! Celebrate too


Clare xx

Whoop whoop!!! Fantastic news xx

What great news, so pleased for you

L x

Brilliant well done and go and celebrate your news

Such good news, so happy for you. I get my ct result next Monday, chemo finished in Jan.....feeling anxious! x

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Friscok12 in reply to triplets

I was the same did you have a scan half way through treatment xx

Isn't that just the best news!! Well go and enjoy! Love Michelle xx

great news xx

Fantastic news . Celebrate !!! 🍾🎈💜love Kim X

Great news :)

Congratulations!!! Wonderful news! Kim xo

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