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Seeing gynaecologist following scan showing multi septal cyst

Hi, I am 56 years old and due to see the gynaecologist at 9.30am today following scan result. I now know I started getting symptoms about six months ago but put it down to getting older. I therefore assume it's going to be high grade cancer and may well have spread as I now appear to be getting symptoms in my throat - burning sensation.

So, are there any suggestions as to what I should ask the gynaecologist? Any thing would be a help.

Thank you

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Dear Anna, I'm replying quickly as you sound very panicky. It's great that you've an appointment in a few hours. But Please, please don't assume it's high grade at this point. I know it is easier said than done and this is one of the really tough times. Knowing you have a problem but not knowing exactly what it is and how it can be treated.

All the ladies on the site know this feeling.

I very much hope you get some clear answers soon. It may be that they start discussing an operation. Can you take anyone with you to this meeting? Often and extra person listening can help you digest all the info you hear?

Take care, T.


Ah, thank you. Yes, I am very panicky but calmed a bit by your response. Yes, my very supportive husband is coming with me. I was thinking it would be mainly about the op which I'm guessing will be a full hysterectomy given my age and the type of cyst I have. I assume that will be the case regardless of results of blood test or mri (blood test should be with my GP this afternoon and no appointment yet for mri) as the cyst will need to come out anyway.

I am panicked that I left it so long and I can now feel it on my left hand side when I lie down. I also appear to have fluid in my stomach that makes my tummy and abdomen tight as the day goes on and is better after lying down.

Thank you again for your response. Knowing there are others who have been through this is a real source of support

Anna x

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Hi Anna, it's perfectly normal and natural to be nervous and worried however you will probably have more tests, meetings and waiting ahead of you so it's important to try and keep calm and balanced until you have a diagnosis - and until further tests etc are completed its still possible that the diagnosis can be that its a benign mass, at this stage though remember you have not been diagnosed.

You may be getting acid reflux so speak about this with your Gynae today.

Write down all your questions and work through your list, it's important to get these answered and to openly share your concerns, don't keep quiet and worry at home.

Sending you virtual hugs,

Take care



Thank you. Yes I will mention that to the gynaecologist - and you make a good and reassuring point about not actually having been diagnosed yet. I have of course been on google which although scary (and I've now learnt to stick to informative sites like this one and Macmillan) I think may also have helped me think about what I want to know in the meetings I will have over the next few days and weeks.

Thank you again for your reassuring response x

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Please avoid Google - it's a bloody nightmare and doesn't reflect my experience. Old data/old numbers.

I'm so pleased your husband is coming with you. They'll be scans and these can take a few weeks to schedule. Please keep posting on this site if you're worried. The ladies here are so supportive and informative. They help me all the time (and believe it or not make me laugh too)!

Good luck today. T. X


My sister-in-law had a very alarming cyst recently. Went through all the what ifs etc, just like you're doing. But a cyst it was.

Many more women have cysts than have OC and I certainly hope you will turn out to be one of them.


Can't believe how much better I feel for reading all these responses. I'm so glad I found this site and posted. I got the bad news re the cyst last Wednesday afternoon and since then have found it very hard to eat anything. I've just eaten a whole piece of toast!

Leaving here at 8.45 am. Will let you all know what is said.

Bloody big hugs to you all xx

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Hi Anna, I agree with all that's been said by the other lovely ladies. Until all tests are carried out you can't assume anything. At this stage it could be any cell non-malignant or malignant. We all understand your panic, we've all been there.

I am thinking that the burning sensation in your throat is possibly acid reflux due to the fluid (ascites) in your abdomen. I like most of us had this symptom and it's basically the stomach getting a bit pressured by the fluid.

Take a deep breath and go with the flow at the moment. We are all here rooting for you

Marian xx


Qualified good news - the consultant said my very large cyst (I have to be cut open length ways rather than side ways to get it out) is very unlikely to be malignant. This is due to my CA125 being low - 14 - and past medical history. He cannot say for certain until the biopsy. It is, as I say, a large cyst and being a multi-septal one it is not a 'good' one.

I now need to decide if I have a full hysterectomy, just the ovaries or just the left ovary removed. Any thoughts/information would be gratefully received. My feeling at the moment is that as I'm 56 and went through the menopause with no problems about four years ago and as I had my son late in life - he is only 15 - I should have a total hysterectomy while still fit enough to undergo such surgery and to minimise the risk of something like this happening again. (sorry, I don't know why this bit has become italicised and don't know how to turn it off)

I am feeling far less stressed and able to think a bit more clearly. Thank you very much all for your wonderful reassurance and support.

Anna xx


Hi Anna, obviously it has to be your decision,but personally I would go for the full hysterectomy. As you said, you will need the full vertical incision to remove the cyst anyway, and you will have the reassurance of knowing that you are not going to have these worries in the future.

Wishing you all the best whatever you decide.


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Hello Anna, I'm thinking if it were me, I'd go for the total hysterectomy, especially given that you're going to have to be cut length ways anyway. It's my understanding, that apart from minimising the risk of something like this happening in the future, that if it did, it's harder to recover from scar tissue from prior operations.

Good luck with the biopsy results. Are they going to do a biopsy initially or diagnosis during the operation?

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Yes, I've decided full is best all round. They will do a biopsy for the result so imagine if I went for the minimal option and then they later found it was bad news.

Thanks for the responses. They have been really useful in helping me decide what to do. I have signed the consent form for the full hysterectomy and had the pre-op tests so hope to hear very soon with a date.

What a brilliant site. So good to be able to talk to others who have been in the same situation xx


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