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Completion surgery borderline ovarian tumour

Hi everyone

You may remember last year I had my borderline tumour removed, was staged at 1a.

Had restaging surgery by gynaecology/oncologist 3 weeks ago, hystectomy, cervix, omentum and other ovary and tube.

Got my results all clear so I stay at 1a.

What worries me is my tumour was micropapillary pattern and had microinvasion.

Therefore I'm in a constant panic of re occurrence.

Any advice greatly appreciated on how you all cope xxx

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Hi Nally, perhaps your team might recommend a counsellor if there is one attached to your hospital. It is good to speak with someone outside the family. Do see if you can find some support groups out there and they will help you get that head space free


I had my radical hysterectomy the last 3 weeks also, I'm at stage 2a, and yes I have to get tested every month for 2 years. And I hate having this hanging over my head, but the anxiety is over, I know what to expect if my numbers go up. At least we have these strong women that go through such pain. And they keep on going, I admire how strong they are through this horrible disease. Hang in their, I'm still having a lot of pain still too. Wish you luck💕

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Dear Nally, Reoccurance is something we all fear. The watch and wait is tough, particularly as ovarian cancer symptoms are pretty vague and general. It would be a good idea to speak to your cancer nurse specialist and perhaps an ovarian support groups meets occasionally near where you live.

Time and good medical support will hopefully ease your fears over the next year.

Best wishes, T. X

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