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Slight bleed

Hi all

I'm 2 years post op (total hysterectomy, oopherectomy, oementum removal) and generally feel well with mobility, able to exercise, do yoga, dig the garden, etc. However, I've found that if I do anything that uses the muscles in the abdomen a lot I get a little blood and slight ache a few hours later. The blood is just a bit when I go to the toilet and appears to be from the vagina. The ache feels like it's at the top of the vagina. The blood is barely worth wearing a panty pad for, but when it happens I do as a precaution more than anything.

The first time it happened was about 3-4 months post surgery and was not too startling given the timing. I mentioned it to my surgeon and she said it wasn't cancer related, rather just bits of tissue still healing.

However, it has happened a few times in the last two years, each time being when I've done something that uses my core muscles a lot, e.g. standing for a long time, doing core muscle exercises. I did a few core muscle exercises yesterday and this morning got a little blood when I went to the toilet. I've now got the little ache.

I don't think it's anything to worry about given my conversation with my surgeon the first time it happened. But I was rather hoping that if I did core muscle exercises then it would get gradually better. Instead I seem to get nowhere with the exercises as this keeps happening and then I decide I need to rest the core until it heals.

Has anyone else had anything similar?

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Most people have small amounts of blood when they exercise it's normal and usually too small to notice ... so yes it maybe related to exercise I would get it checked out tho just in case as it is noticeable 😊

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Hi katfish, I think a quick word with your GP or Gynae team couldn't hurt? Any bleed needs to be looked at, it is more than likely insignificant but it is obviously bothering you a little, as it would me, peace of mind is so important especially given what we've all been through already so maybe a quick call could be the way forward. I know we are all maybe a little over cautious but that's a good thing.

Take lots of care and let us know how you get on with this, big hugs ❤xx Jane

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Suggest you check it out with your GP.

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Hi there dont want to alarm you but it is no harm to have it checked out with your gp. It may happen to a lot of people as this is one of the questions asked usually at check up.


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