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menopausal symptoms again without ovaries or complete hysterectomy

i am postmenopausal with an ovarian cyst which grew slightly. i am going to see a gynoncologist. i have lots of adhesions from other surgeries and i am a surgical risk. since i am postmenopausal will removing my ovaries make me gain weight or have menopausal symptoms all over again. he may say hysterectomy as well. thank you all.

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I don't know the answer to your question. It's probably worth giving the Ovacome helpline a ring in the morning.


I was post-menopausal when I had debulking surgery and it made no difference.

Hope it is the same for you.

Take care X


I suggest you speak to your surgical team prior to surgery, they will be doing the usual obs and see if you need further information on admittance to the hospital ward, All the best


I was 8 years post-menopause when I had debulking surgery and removing my ovaries made no difference. I also had adhesions from previous surgery for ovarian cysts like you but it wasn't a problem. I was amazed at how tidy my new scar is-it's almost disappeared in places after almost a year.

Good luck with your surgery

Lou xxx


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