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help with menopausal symptoms


I'm newish here, joined to offer help where I can and also to get some help on coping with ongoing menopausal symptoms, since having confirmation that I cannot take HRT. I'm nearly 5 years in remission from OC stage 2 and I was on HRT after consultations with oncologist as my quality of life was at rock bottom. I have now had to come off it (been told my cancer type is weakly estrogen receptive) and really suffering emotionally and physically with the symptoms, especially night sweats. I am reluctant to take other drugs, but getting a bit desperate.

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I had a surgically imposed menopause and the sweats and flushes are grim I feel for you. I used acupuncture for the night flushes and whilst they did not disappear they eased off quite a bit, that was over a year ago and they have started to get a bit more intense so I am off to a top up early next year. I also was commended the lady magnet, by a friend and during the day this has also helped loads...

I appreciate some of it could be in the mind but like you I am unable to take HRT and do not want to take other meds.

Good luck xxx

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thanks, I had acupuncture for period pains before I had the cancer diagnosis and it did seem to help, glad it is giving you some relief. I might investigate the lady magnet, willing to try anything at the moment! I'm all over the place emotionally too, which is a bit embarrassing at work, bursting into tears for no reason. There's a program on ITV tonight about menopause - asking if workplaces are doing enough to help menopausal women- might be interesting?

thanks very much for your help, hope you continue to get relief from these horrible side effects too

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I'll look out for the TV programme. I too have had the odd melt down at work it's not nice but not uncommon, I hope you get some relief from all this soon xx

Hi I would recommend a chillow pillow for the night sweats, helped me no end . I do hope you get some relief soon xx Kathy xxx

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thanks Kathy, I do remember seeing something on earlier posts about the chillow pillow, but had since forgotten. I'll definitely check it out, thanks for the quick reply

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