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Worried about ovarian cancer symptoms

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Hi, can anyone give me some advice please. For just over a year now I have had some very worrying symptoms, I started getting my periods every 2 weeks and they became so painful, ovulation also became very painful. I had a transvaginal scan which didnt show anything except a little fluid around my ovaries. Things then calmed down for the next couple of months and my periods have slowly returned to every 4 weeks. But over the last 6 months or so the pain has got worse, my periods have become a lot heavier and start with brown blood for the first day then very heavy red blood a day or 2 later, I am always so tired, I sometimes have lower back pain, constant bloating even though some days I hardly eat anything and when I have a glass of water I need to go to the toilet immediately. I have a doctors appointment nect week but im so terrified of it being ovarian cancer. I am only 30 and have 3 children, I know it could be something else but I seem to have every symptom of ovarian cancer and cant stop worrying and crying. Im scared that as I've had these symptoms for over a year that if it is cancer it will be late stage and incurable. If it was cancer would I only have pain during my period and ovulation or would it be all the time? The stomach bloating has stayed about the same, would it have got worse if it was cancer? Any advise welcome please

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have you had a CA125 test?this is a test for ovarian cancer.if your gp hasn't done one yet please ask him to.

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Thank you for your reply. I havent had the blood test yet but I am going to ask for one when I have my doctors appointment on Wednesday.

My gynae oncologist assures me that cancer pain doesn't tend to come and go, and from what I've heard from other ovarian cancer sufferers, it sounds like bloating tends to get worse over time. I know it is small consolation, and you do need to get checked out, but it does sound as though at least some of your symptoms could well be something other than ovarian cancer. Keep asking your GP until you get some definite answers!

Hope all turns out well,


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kelbll in reply to BJ_UK

Thank you Barbara. That is a little reassuring, I do hope it turns out to be something else and I will keep on asking this time until I do get some answers.

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Stircrazy in reply to BJ_UK

I'm so glad I've just read this x

I agree with Barbara,it could be one of several conditions as several conditions have similar symptoms and she is right in saying "bloating" is persistent rather than coming and going.good luck with your gp.hope you get the tests/answers you need.

Is the bloating 'bloating' as in noticeable large tummy or a feeling of slight heaviness inside?

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kelbll in reply to Stircrazy

My stomach is noticeably bigger, im very slim so it notices even more. It's like it upon waking but as soon as I do eat or drink anything I look pregnant

Your symptoms might be due to fibroids, something that is very common amongst younger women. Please also be aware that fibroids can cause your CA125 to rise too. Ask your GP for a referral to a consultant gynaecologist. Good luck. Ann x

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kelbll in reply to thesilent1

Thanks for your reply. I hadn't thought of it being fibroids, I will look into that. Thank u x

can older women(post menopausal) get fibroids too?

I really don't know the answer to that. Sorry. x

HI kelbil, I agree with all the other answers, you are seeing your gp on Weds, ask for a full blood count and also request ca 125 as part of this set of bloods. No double your gp will also check your turmmy and if he is concerned he will refer you to a gynae consultant who may order further tests. Try not to worry, have a list of questions for your gp visit ready and I wish you the best,

There are lots of things this could be - fibroids, endometriosis (they used to have a society too so there's probably something on the web on that), adhesions from an undiagnosed infection - and I'm sure other conditions I've not heard of - but they do need to do a CA125 test and rule out cancer. But also most of us have ovarian cancer for a while before it is diagnosed and it can still be treated. I was stage 3/4 (4's the last) nearly 5 years ago and though it hasn't gone altogether they knock it back with chemo and I'm fine again.

Thank you for your reply. Wow that's brilliant news that your fine now!

I dont have any answers to my problems yet. My doctor seems to think my body just doesnt know when to bleed at the moment and wants me to try going on the pill. Im not happy with anything she said so im going back for a second opinion from a different doctor and hopefully they'll be able to give me some better answers.

All the best x

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