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Gallstones anyone,

Hello ladies, I was just wondering did any of you have problems with your gallbladder. My mother in law reckons that when you have a total abdominal hysterectomy, that the lack of estrogen affects your gallbladder. I am getting crippling pain in my shoulder and under my ribs for some time now. I am due to have the camera down on the 5th December. Its just one thing after an other.. I am tired all the time and I am getting fatter by the day. Cant sleep with the pain.. Sorry.. rant over

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Quite possible. I have developed gallstones since being on Letrozole and having a total hys/ooph. Scans showed the gall bladder clean as a whistle beforehand ...

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Hi Damelza had my gall bladder removed in my last surgery for recurrence in the abdo lymph nodes...the surgeon said it looked very 'ropey' (think that's a technical term😄😄) the onc thinks it may have been affected by the oc and or subsequent treatments, but as she said.. we don't know if would have gone like that anyway..Simple answer.... don't know!

I hope you get your pain sorted soon




So sorry you are in pain, my gall bladder has so far held up but it does get irritated by certain antibiotics. I am glad you are having it checked out just in case

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