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1st chemotherapy and unexpected feelings about logging on

1st chemotherapy almost 3 weeks ago. I felt very well cared for and can honestly say it went better than expected. I was there for a long time but this was fine with me as I didn't really have any idea how long it would take. However I did feel very rough on day 4 and increasingly so on day 5 with sickness and self pity at an all time high! The lesson to pass on is that I should have telephoned help line sooner because my sickness was brought under control once I got back on the medication. Next after about another week constipation was pretty bad but once again the help line sorted me out, probably should have telephoned a day sooner!

The last thing to share is that during the self pity/sickness stage and for a week or so after, I could not log onto this forum. I sometimes hovered over it but something in me that felt almost physical stopped me clicking. Perhaps it's because I needed to take a step back from everything connected to my fairly recent diagnosis?

Anyway just want to say thanks to everyone who's shared experiences on here helped me, and if I disappear for a while, I will be back! Xxx

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I can relate to not wanting to log onto the forum and I think others will be able to relate too. I know ladies on here who came on during treatment only to disappear (or at least refrain from commenting/posting etc). Everyone has their own way of dealing/coping. We are all here if you need us for advice or a rant etc. Glad to see you got your sickness etc sorted. Indeed the lesson to be learnt is that you don't need to put up with nausea etc. If something doesn't seem right or is not improving get in contact with the helpline, that's what they are there for :). Hope you are doing ok. xxx Kathy xxx

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Thanks for your reply and yes I do feel pretty good now and ready for next one and whatever it bringd. Wishing you too all the very best xxx


Hi I can understand you not wanting to log on... for me it's reality and yes it's really happening and yes I have cancer... it was more prevalent on chemo 2 when my all my hair fell out. I'm glad you got things sorted. I had 2 sachets of Laxido the day before chemo, 2 on the day and 2 the next day (morning and night) this did help with constipation! Love Michelle xx



Just into day 3 of 1st chemotherapy so your post is very relevant to me. Today first time of feeling tired ++. Will definitely not hesitate to call the helpline if I need to and will probably carry on the antisickness meds. Not felt sick as yet but don't want to bring it on.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. So good to know we are not alone, feeling like this. Family and friends are very supportive but understandably cannot know how I feel.

Hope the rest of your treatment goes well and forarmed is forewarned.

Lynne 💞

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Dear Lynne

So glad if anything is useful. I was given 2 anti sickness tablets, 1 I was still taking when the dreadful sickness struck me, the other I was only prescrspfor the first 2 days and this is the one that I got put back on and it rescued within hours. I know we're all different so of course this might not be relevant to you.

When I did ring, the on call nurse was great, very approachable and asked me to ring back in to update her.

Very good luck xxx

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Oops should say 'prescribed for 2 days' x


I think we all get times we want to opt for a while and that is okay too. Sometimes either when on or finished treatment, you feel you need to take a step back and deal with your own feelings both physical and emotional. I am glad you make those phone calls and your meds got sorted. Well done and I wish you well for the next treatment


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