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My operation was due yesterday after waiting for 5 weeks since my first appointment with my multi disciplinary team. The op was cancelled 2 days ago because cardiology decided that I needed an angiogram. I was rushed through the angiogram, which turned out to be fine, but still no new date has been set for my operation. The surgeon mentioned 1st December which will mean a wait of 2 months in all. I have 2 complex cysts, ascites, raised ca 125 and ct scan showed evidence of carcinamotosis of the peritoneal cavity but not outside it. Do I stand any chance now or will the extra wait make no difference please?

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  • That's just what you don't want to happen. My op is tomorrow and cancelling is my fear so know how you must be feeling. Honestly _ I would think they would reschedule sooner if they thought it was going to make things worse. Keep strong and be as healthy as you can. I know it's hard. Hope someone else can answer this for you as I'm in the same position as you at the moment. My blood pressure was high at pre op ,ive had an allergic reaction to radox and an upset tummy. Sending you big hugs and hope you get sorted very soon. Xxxxxx

  • Thanks yasminj and I wish you the best of luck for tomorrow.

  • Good luck with your op, keeping everything crossed for you. ❤️

  • Thank you -still no date though.

  • Dear Neona, delays and postponements are so unsettling. I'd hate it too but I wanted to offer a little comfort. From the moment I knew I had a cyst and an op was needed, to the date of the operation was 2 months. I imagined they would get me in asap but my surgeon assured me that the few extra weeks wouldn't make any difference at all. I was nervous about the delay but these timelines were fine.

    Try to tell yourself that your team are thorough. They wanted the angiogram and the result was good news. Your surgeon and team have not forgotten you. They just don't appreciate the level of stress that waiting and fear create for us. Do you have a cancer nurse support you can call or perhaps a call with one of the ovacome nurses on this site?

    Hugs. T. X

  • Thank you so much this is, indeed, very comforting. Yes I have been nagging the nurses and am waiting in trepidation for a phone call from the bookings office.

  • I would try not to worry too much. If they want to do extra checks before major surgery that is better than rushing on ahead without caution. I was told by my oncologist that a delay even with fast growing cells makes little difference in terms of surgery. I was having kittens as my op was ten weeks after my scan showed recurrent cancer grade 3 cells but it was still removed.

    Best wishes

    LA xx

  • Thank you for this Lily-Anne. I am frightened because , when zi had my first appointment with the surgeon 5 weeks ago, I had a waistline but now the fluid has built up so much I have the reverse of a waistline and feel as though I can't stand up for more than a couple of minutes. I am sorry thst you had to have more surgery but am delighted that it was successful. Wendy

  • Do you have specialist nurse to contact? If not call your consultants secretary, they are there to help and are usually brilliant. Explain your discomfort, in this day and age nobody should have to suffer.

    Please let me know how you get on

    LA xx

  • Yes I will speak to the specialist nurses again tomorrow. I have phoned them so many times now but am hoping so much that I will get a date for my operation tomorrow. The nurses are excellent and never sound impatient!

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