Chemo brain plays havoc with clocks!

Just want to give you all a laugh with my antics last night as I put the clocks back or at least tried to!

I stopped my watch and took the battery out of my alarm clock intending to restart both an hour later. However, I got engrossed in games on my iPad and it was nearly 2 hours later that I remembered the time had to be changed. So I noted the time from my mobile phone and replicated that on my watch and alarm clock without thinking.

This morning when I looked at the kitchen clock which I hadn't touched last night, it said the same time as my watch and alarm clock and I realised I hadn't put the clocks back at all! All I'd done was wake myself up an hour earlier than necessary! I had to laugh at my mistake and decided to blame it on chemo brain and to share my antics with people who would totally understand I hope!

Hope you are all enjoying the autumn colours this weekend.

Best wishes to you all,


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  • Lol you raised a smile Barbara, I think we've all been 'guilty' of something like that at one time or another !

  • Thanks Katmal. Glad I made you smile. At least I live alone so nobody else witnessed my stupidity!!

  • I so have chemo brain ... my husband delights in correcting my ditsyness... he bought me some raspberry biscuits as he knows I still have trouble with my tastebuds and he thought it would be sharp enough for me... lovely thing to do ... I asked for a biscuit bowing perfectly well it was raspberry but strawberry 🍓 came out of my mouth 😳 Lol 😂

  • I admit to being that way too,

  • I am laughing at your mistake, well my problem is that my dogs wanted their dinner at 3.30 instead of 4.30 sure they didnt know the clock had gone back, so I usually tend to let them wait when the clock goes backwards, its easier, I am a good Mum to them otherwise. Then my oldie get a fruisimide at 7.45 every night and she would come over for it as its usually in a piece of meat or cheese. Tonight as doddery as she is, she came looking at 6.45 the old time. She is in heart failure and is about 14, she is a rescue so that is why I am not sure of her age. She is hanging in there.

  • Awww so cute ... my two are still puppies and keep me on my toes especially the chocolate lab he's crazy .... you can't help but shower them with love ❤️

  • Glad it amused you. Children and pets always find changing the clocks difficult. Hope your two soon adjust to the new meal time!

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