New lady !!!

New lady !!!

Hi All,

New here ! So pleased I've found this site.. lovely knowing I'm not alone and there are soooo many ladies with the same condition.. Diagnosed with stage 3c OV in August.. have undergone 3 chemotherapies , feel quite well apart from nerve pain 😡.. scan on Monday, awaiting results from that to hopefully receive de bulking surgery .. love to hear from anyone! X

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  • Hi Shire62,

    This is a great sight, the ladies on here are very supportive.

    Good luck with the rest of your treatment you sound to be doing great.

    Ann xx

  • Hello! Nice to meet you - lovely autumnal pic. All the best with the scan results and the rest of your treatment. x

  • Thankyou... lovely to meet you , and such a comfort to know we are all here for each other. X

  • Hi and welcome to the site. Hope your scan results are good and that yr surgery can go ahead. Please feel free to ask any questions! In the meatime sending you best wishes and a big hug xx Kathy xx

  • Thanks so much ! What a lovely welcome... although it's a strange place to be , both mentally and physically, knowing we all share the same feelings, is so comforting.. lots of love x

  • Thats the thing with this site we are all in the same boat so to speak and can totally emphathise with one another like nobody else can. We share good news, bad news, come here for answers if we have questions about treatment etc or on bad days simply a rant because we all understand :) . Feel free to ask anything there will always be someone who replies even if its just to offer a hug because they know how you are feeling. Posts dont have to be just about OC either sometimes we share posts about all sorts. :)

  • Many thanks .. off for a walk now .. catch up later , sooooo pleased I've found you !!! I can start my Saturday with the comfort that I can now off load at anytime, and, to people that hVe been there and have the t, shirt 👚!!! Have a great day everyone, and catch up later xx

  • Hi, not sure it is appropriate to say 'good to meet you', given the circs! I have had 3 chemos but began with surgery. It's all a bit daunting, but there is lots of support on this site.

  • Thankyou so much ! Lovely to share everything, not a nice club to be in , however, it's great to be part of this amazing site here.. for once, I'm grateful that as usual, couldn't sleep 😴.. whereupon I found this site !!!!! Brilliant 😁☀️

  • Thanks Ann ... lovely to know that we are not alone .. that alone helps so much .. Thankyou for your kind words x

  • Does anyone know whether we are supposed to have the flu jab ??? Not sure if it interferes with the chemotherapy?? Xx

  • HI, My doctor advised me to have the flu jab and my oncologist said it would be ok, so I had it a couple of weeks ago. No ill effects so far!!

    Helen x

  • What a lovely pic you look amazing .... The nerve pain is awful but do mention it to your onc as they can prescribe pain killers... Didn't take away all of the pain for me but it did help me sleep... All the best for future treatments .... Big hugs xx

    Ps I chose not to have the flu jab just in case but my GP keeps pestering me to have it.... Mention it to you cns nurse or oncologist or one of the lovely ladies on here may know they are brilliant supportive ladies and a fountain of knowledge I don't know where I would be without them xx

  • Thankyou so much for the advice... gosh, I'm just so lucky to have stumbled across this wonderful place !!! Lots of love xx

  • Hello

    Lovely photo ! Wishing you luck with your scan and further treatment.

    Best wishes

    Judy x

  • Hi there wishing you all the best for scan results, this site is fab, there are ladies with all sorts of experiences that can help,with advise to any questions you may have, we all support each other, it's a great supportive community.

    Lovely photo to



  • Hello Shire. I like the photo - lovely colours. It is good to have the women on this forum and I'm sure you will become an important part of it. When I first came to it I felt I knew nothing and was really needy. Over time it has become a kind of group therapy / mutual advice / let it out of your system thing.

    Flu-jab wise my onc and GP said its best a couple of days before your chemo as your bloods etc recover from the last onslaught and they have the test results handy so they can tell you if it is ok to go ahead with the jab. I made an appointment and then once the blood test was in I confirmed it. Had it last week and it's ok.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Netti (stage 4bOC)

  • Thanks Nettie.. what I have realised is that this bloody cancer is not necessarily a death sentence... I'm absolutely thrilled that us girls are living with it and coping really well ... when first diagnosed, the docs were sooo vague.. I truly thought that I would be dead within a couple of weeks ... I know I've a long way to go, however the knowledge I've gained through this wonderful place is in itself PRICELESS!!!

    Jackie xx

  • Hi

    Welcome to the party

    LA xx

  • Thankyou so much lily- Ann xx

  • Hi Shire62 (!)

    Welcome and what a lovely, happy photo. This is a great site, to post, answer, read, share etc etc. Sometimes you'll get a lot of answers, sometimes a few but everyone cares which is so good to know.

    Sending you good vibes for your scan and your Op too.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Thankyou so much !! It's so welcoming here.. strange how something so awful ( oc diagnosis) can in a way bring on a whole new life ! Strangely enough it's brought such a positivity and strength that I never knew I had .. life is different but I'm not unhappy if that makes sense.. can't change my cancer , but I'm going to bloody well give it a run for its money 💰!!!

    Thanks to such wonderfully strong support on here 😘

  • A great autumnal photo! I am also Stage IIIC. I had chemo beforehand which was successful and so was able to have the debulking surgery nd then the rest of the chemo. So wishing you good luck with your scan results.

  • Thankyou .. I'll keep you updated!! Have a great weekend! X

  • Good luck with your scan. Ann x

  • Hello Shire62,welcome to this site. What a lovely Autumnal photo of you. I hope you get on well with your scan on Monday.

    Best wishes


  • Thankyou!!

    Had scan this morning, now the wait !! 😡.. Have a meeting to discuss possible surgery or whatever they decide is the best course of action, on the 9th of Nov.. spoke to oncology nurse who advises that they've provisionally booked me in for the op on the 22nd! This is think is because I appear to have responded well to the chemo judging by my bloods..

    Hope all good for everyone! 👌🎉❤️️Xx

  • Hey Shire, yes the wait is a killer ain't it. That's great news that you have responded well to chemo. In the meantime be killed d to yourself, meet with friends, go shopping, read a good 📚. Whatever makes you happy and relaxed.

    Take care


  • You look wonderful. All the best with scan results and treatments to come. Sx

  • Thankyou so much !

    Awaiting the results!! In limbo as we all are in these situations!!

    Hope your doing well too xxx

  • Hello Shire - apologies for the late welcome - you've found a wonderful bunch of people here!

    I hope the scan went well today - wishing you all the best for the upcoming results. Thinking of you!

    Jemima xx

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