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I went to hospital today, as the vein that was used for chemo 2 weeks ago has swollen and become tender in the last 3 days! I have been given hydrocortisone cream and after examining my veins, which are all showing signs of fatigue, it was decided that I should have a PICC line inserted.

I am a bit concerned but am relieved that the constant digging in my veins will stop. What I would like to know, is how have other ladies on this site got on with these lines? How long does the weekly flushing take, and do they get infected very often?

As always, many thanks for your advice, as always.


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  • Hi Jenny, best decision I have made. Flushing and changing the dressing takes around 15mins . Apart from a bit of soreness on the day it was put in I have had no problems. Good luck with yours. Chris xx

  • Thanks for the positive words Chris.


  • Hi Jenny . I echo what Chris has said. I delayed having a PICC fitted but its great. As Chirs said its about 15 mins to flush and I never had any problems with it :) . All the best, Kathy xx

  • Thankyou. It's just what I need to hear.


  • I never had a picc line yet but most of the ladies on here who have them found them okay and as Chrisr says it does help immensely and cuts out the search for veins. I am sorry you are having trouble with the veins but arnica cream is good for the bruising you may have. It reduces the swelling etc. Wishing you well

  • Thank you. Jenny

  • Hi Jenny

    I've had 3 PICC lines and now I wouldn't even consider having treatment without one. It's a bit uncomfortable for the first few days after insertion but after that you'll forget it's there. Ask them for a prescription for a 'Limbo', it's a sleeve to cover the line so you can shower or have a bath. I live 20 miles from my unit so I went to my local wound clinic to get it flushed between treatments or you could have a district nurse. I didn't have a DN cos it meant waiting in all day for them to call so I found it easier to go to them. I also chose to wait to have it removed until after I'd had my post chemo results (just in case), then it was straight to the unit to get it removed. They really are 'the best thing since sliced bread' and I bet once you've had it done you'll wonder why you waited so long. It just makes everything so much easier and quicker. Can you tell I loved my PICC ;-)

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jenny. I had a PICC line and considered it a god-send. I had no problems with it. Only thing is that you have to cover it in order to shower - not a great inconvenience. So much better than the constant worry over your veins. Some people have reported infections but mine was trouble-free. It was removed when I went into remission. When the cancer recurred, I was fitted with a Port (mine is in my upper arm, some are above the breast). Now THAT is even better. No problems showering. Best wishes Pauline

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