Picc line in! !

Good morning ladies! Well had picc line put in yesterday and just back from the hospital where they changed the dressing and flushed it! Procedure was a bit uncomfortable but not too bad!

Chemo brain must have kicked in early as went today in the most impractical top imaginable! So plenty of huffing and puffing behind the curtain on my part whilst I attempted to skewer said arm out of the confines of material but heyho will know the next time!

Roll on Tuesday! ! Xxx

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  • morning you are brave I'm scared of the canula so when my next treatment starts don't think I will be brave enough to have a picc line.

    good luck with the rest of your treatment xx

  • Hi Alison. Trust me Alison if you have the PICC fitted you then won't need to be worried about the cannulas. I won't lie and say it's totally painless going in but once it's in its a godsend xx

  • HI Katmal thanks for the reply I might have to give it a try soon xx

  • Hi Alison and as Katmal says - I think now it's in I'm expecting the giving of the chemo to be a breeze - no more foraging for veins that scarred up a long time ago! !! Xx

  • I'm sure it will be good luck xxx

  • Haha Claire trust me was more like a red faced mini buffalo trying to wrench a bingo winged arm out of a tight fit! Accompanied by lots of under the breath cursing! !! Xx

  • Hi! So glad it went well. You will be pleased now it's fitted because it saves all those nasty cannulas!

  • I am glad the picc line went in without too much fuss. I agree with you about fitting on stuff. There is never enough room in the fitting rooms anyhow. Well I go for the casual look most of the time. So much so that when my son got married, people were stunned at my outfit. Yes I managed to fit that on when buying in mid winter wearing black pop socks. Then the Manager passed me some high heeled shoes to check the dress out. A beige dress with black pop socks and nude shoes, not a great combo but imagined it without the pop socks and it looked okay on the day. Wishing you well on your treatment

  • Well done. Limbo pick covers are excellent for the shower.


  • Thank you Vicki and never heard of those - I'll do some investigating! Xx

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