Great News

Saw my Oncologist yesterday great news It has all shrunk again hope it lasts a little longer this time, I am going to make the most of the good times already thinking of booking a holiday and am making a list of all the other things I want to do. One little blip my port has decided to move has anyone else had this problem? Love and best wishes to you all.xx

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  • Great news long may it continue go and enjoy Pam x

  • Pam xThankyou

  • Fantastic news! enjoy your holiday !.

  • Thank you I will x

  • Hi Granis, Congratulations on your good news!! You book your holiday 😎You deserve it!! I wouldn't worry too much about your port. I've had three ports over the last six years and have had problems with all three of them.🙄The nurses are great so once the know about it they will look after it. 😜

  • Thankyou I have been told by the nurses to come to the cymo unit for my port to be flushed as it has tipped slightly

  • Lovely news, a holiday sounds a great idea. I've started a making memories album with all the places we are going, and having nights out every week. I'm hoping to go and play in the snow in Austria in March all being well.

    LA xx

  • Thankyou Lily-Anne booking tomorrow and taking my daughters as a big thankyou for all there help. x

  • Wonderful! Thoroughly enjoy, well deserved xx

  • Thankyou xx

  • Great news, it is good to hear you are getting double shrinkage, and it makes everything worth while. I cant help about the port but perhaps some one else can give you some advice on this. Have a lovely weekend

  • Thankyou Keeping my fingers crossed that the remission lasts a bit longer xx

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