Hey ladies, I have been bleeding very heavily for 2 years (I am 50 yrs old with 7 children) and this past month have bled with very heavy clots and flooding for 29 days and counting. So much so that I passed out at day 23, was hospitalized and an internal scan and US Scan was performed. 2 tumours were found attached to my left ovary. Bloods were done for markers which came back "fine" but, I'm still bleeding if I don't take the drugs they've given me. I have intermittent back and abdominal pain, bloating. My question is, to any of you ladies who may have had similar, are the blood tests always an indicator of oc? I'm worried that just because it has come back ok, they are missing something. thankyou Edith

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  • Hello Aceh!

    I didn't go through what you are going through but I did get diagnosed with OC last year my blood markers CA125 was never abnormal it was 26 when diagnosed (normal is between 1 and 35). If you feel it should be investigated further push until you get what you need the markers are not always accurate!!!

    I hope you get it sorted you sound exhausted with it all and I hope it's nothing serious!


  • Oh thanks so much Dx, it gives me tremendous hope to know that all is not what it always seems and to push for further investigation. How did they diagnose yours if your bloods were always fine?


  • Hey Edith!

    I had a cyst it was 16cm so after the bloods I had a US a CT and an MRI but they still thought it was just a cyst but was big so had surgery to remove it! It was only when they did the histology on it that they discovered there were cancer cells in the cyst! I was very lucky as it was Stage 1 and there was no evidence of cancer anywhere else! Because the cells were high grade I did have to have Chemo but I got through it and am well again now 6 months on!

    Chase up those tests and don't let them leave you waiting too long!

    Keep in touch and let us know how it's going!


  • Oh hell!!, lucky it was followed up hey? Congrats on the outcome!👏🏻😊thankyou very much for your insight and I'll keep you posted. Talk soon

  • I had exactly the same symptoms but my ca125 was raised ... The diagnosis of OC was not confirmed until they took out the mass.

  • Thats interesting. The other Doctor I spoke to said he wanted to do a laparoscopy and a biopsy so I will wait for them to contact me for the date. Thankyou

  • Glad your getting more investigation it's really debilitating bleeding constantly ... Hope you get your appointment soon 😃

  • I think the doctors will have a better idea of what is causing your symptoms after the scope and biopsy and I am glad you have sought help. Wishing you well

  • I'd keep investigating until something definitive is shown...there must be a reason for this that they aren't catching (don't understand how that could happen, but it does).

    After bleeding that much, I don't know how you even have the energy to use a keyboard!

  • Hi Minniemay, that's funny. I'm on some major iron and a whole heap of other drugs that stop the bleeding but don't stop it entirely. I just can't get over how I'm just supposed to wAit until whenever to get someone to tell me the next step. Sorry just annoyed. 😤

  • I'd probably be more than annoyed! Keep hanging on...easy for me to say, I know. I hope & pray that the answer comes very soon.

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