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I have posted this info several times but it's always related to something else. There is a supplement called L-Glutamine. It does many wondrous things and if you take it while you are on chemo it will prevent neuropathy. Of course you will ask your onc . The normal dose is one dissolved tablespoon three time a day but my oncologist said for me to do once a day. I had started to feel pins and needles. This seems to really help but it won't help after chemo when you have neuropathy.

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  • Thanks jmacmom, I can't hold a fork today the neuropathy is so bad

  • Good luck. I hope it works for you.

  • Rats! I was so hoping L Glutamine would be effective after chemo. Take care. Xxx

  • Before talking glutamine please check out Chis Woolam's CancerActive website. It is a bit controversial as it is an amino acid which is very healing for the gut for instance, but and I think it is a big but, it feeds all the cells in the body including cancer cells. I used to take it for my gut but stopped when I read this. Best wishes.

  • Thank you. I will look into it. The supplement was provided by The Cancer Centers of America, one of the most respected treatment centers in the world and of course I asked my oncologist at Sloan Kettering. SCWI, what did your oncologist say? t works for me and you stop taking it once you finish chemo. Also my CA125 is at 8 so apparently it did not interfere.

  • Here's a reputable site:

    "Supplementing Your Recovery"

  • Hello jmackmom

    I did ask my oncologist about the Glutamine and ginger powder supplement I was taking at the time of my diagnosis and she said it was ok to take it but banned all my other supplements. She isn't really interested in using diet and supplements as tools to help keep cancer at bay at all, and I don't think she has any interest in it, so I stopped asking her and relied on my nutritionist, who seems to sit on the fence about it. I have just noticed several cancer websites that say glutamine feeds cancer, so it spooked me and I stopped using it. Chris Woolams who is very well known as an expert over here in the UK on Cancer and diet discusses the pros and cons of Glutamine/Glutamate on his latest newsletter on his Cancer Active website. It does seem to be a bit of a grey area. If you eat red meat which I don't do much, you already have affair amount of glutamine in your diet and there is a lot in bone broth, as I said before it is very healing for the gut.

    I would think that the benefits of taking it for neuropathy whilst on chemo must outweigh any risks, especially as it has been recommended to you by such a reputable source. I will check out the site, many thanks.

  • Everyone must make their own choice. My oncologist did not want me to take ginger powder suppliment during treatment but said fresh ginger was fine. Likewise for vitamin 'C'. Fresh fruit rather than supplement. I have read that some supplements may interfere with the chemo itself. I don't now who this person is who has a website in the UK. There are many such websites. I try to read them all. L- glutamine and glutamate are two different things. L- glutamine powder has been used to treat HIV/AIDS patients for many years to prevent wasting. As I said, I respect everyone's right to make their own choice. All I know is I had the beginnings of neuropathy and now I don't.

  • Its great that you have such a low CA125 level too. All the best.

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