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Thought i would post this as i have read a few posts were people are still struggling ( if thats the right word) after chemo finishes and this may be a little light at the end of the tunnel.

I had hystectomy last july15 and chemo six months finished jan 16 for stage 1c cancer.

i went back to work march at first found it hard going but turned out vit d and anaemic were crazy low due to chemo so got some good drugs to revert this and have not looked back since !!!

i have managed to loose over 8kg following the marvellous michael moseleys blood sugar diet and i feel it has increased my energy and get up and go'ness!! . basically avoiding all sugar hard at first but love it now

i have just come back from holiday were i have to say for the first time in a long time i didnt think about whats gone on or what may cone . i enjoy every day some days i feel tired but i just take those days a bit easier but on the whole feel ok and try to make the most of every day .

i hope anyone who is " struggling" at the minute as i know some are particulary if the chemo bus is with you or just left can see that it will get better the tiredness will hopefully pass and their will be good sunny sundays.

i hope you all get some good days and know if i can get through it anyone can . I hope the sun is shining and everyone is enjoying it and wish everyone well x

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  • Glad to hear you are feeling so good! Xx

  • Hey Claire!

    What a great post! I am 4 months behind you with the same diagnosis and your post had really cheered me up on this very wet Sunday here in the West of Ireland!!!!

    It's great to hear you are so well and living life to the fullest! I am off on Hols on the 1st Sept and I can't wait! Long may it last and thanks again for posting!!


  • enjoy your holiday every minute and second , i rode a bike on mine ( was in antwerp everyone rides them ) so this time i did too had always wanted to so thought what you waiting for lady !! such a laugh !!! and i didnt fall off !! so enjoy and treat yourself you deserve it x

  • Absolutely my sentiments my friend! I'm feeling a bit whacked today but I know that chemo truck will be backing out the drive soon and better times are on the way! !


  • you bet they are halfway now lady you are doing so well get a treat lined up for the end something incredibly outrageous!!!!!

    that bus will be gone soon hugs xxxx

  • Great post I'm am on my last chemo on weds - can't wait for it to be over I know I will feel rubbish for five days but I don't care because I know is my last one fingers crossed me too getting over a full hysterectomy and omentum removed had that in March I still get tired but I do a lot of walking and that had helped me a lot and nice trips to the seaside hubby has been great he has kept me going! Your words has made me feel better and more positive life after the horrible chemotherapy take care and enjoy your life.

  • best wishes for last chemo just think you have done so well to get through it . keep going get lots of good things in place and enjoy every minute the tiredness will pass and if it doesnt just sit down have a rest then start again

    good luck xx

  • What a lovely post. Really cheered me up. I know things will get better and it's just a matter of time and your proof that what I'm searching for does exist. Thankyou.

    Mandy, xx

  • thanks i just keep going on and having a laugh who knows whats round the corner but for now i am carrying on in my new normal and enjoying every minute xxx

  • Great post. Thanks for sharing and long may it continue xx


  • A lovely post Claire - thanks for sharing and so glad to hear things are going well for you xx

  • What a fabulous post... it's great to hear about the "other side" ...I also am 1c but have had a turbulent time with chemo... lots of stops and starts seems endless. Anyway I am on the last 3 head in down and I can't wait to finish. I have never availed of Councelling but think I will when it's all over...I have kept strong and positive throughout the last year managing to get the family through this ordeal with me without it overshadowing their lives too much. The one way i could control this situation was the way I reacted to it and so far so good. I take heart from your post and thankyou.

  • everyone finds their own way to get through it and to do what works for them , i had counselling but have always had it over the years and it helped me was a place i went and " ranted" for an hour !!!

    you are in the home straight and coming to the end of chemo i remember saying when i started mine i will never do another five of these but i did and i got through it. and here i am six months later someone said to me at work today i looked like my old self !! i smiled and thanked them but as i walked away i thought NO i am a new self a new me and then just got on with me day and moaned about finishing late at work with everyone else !!!

    things do return to a new normal hugs and good wishes x

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