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Feeling better after rough wkend

Hi ladies hope your doing ok and enjoying weather.. thanx for all your advice the weekend.. gosh what a weekend on the gem chemo.. had really bad head all day saturday like my head was being backed up a wall.. then the back and right side ache for 2 days how bad is it i had to sleep on a hot water bottle in the middle of summer and to top it ive got a little bit of a rash on thigh... oh the pleasure of chemo ladies sending u big hugs xxx

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Big hugs to you too... The side affects sneak up on you from nowhere the little blighters ... Glad your feeling better 😃


Good to hear you are feeling better, chemo side effects can be a real bugger.

Here's to getting even better. Xx


Glad to hear you're feeling better after what sounds like a tough w/e. Big ((hugs)) to you for a better week xx


Sounds like you've had a tough time, hope you feel a bit better soon, these side effects are horrible, take care big hugs




Hi Trace

I do hope that the effects have lessened for you and I'm sorry you had such a rotten week. I just got my first lone Carbo on Mon and waiting for the axe to fall ! I think I overdid it yesterday with the steroids. Which of your drugs has the worst side effects ? I hope it all settles down for you soon. Take care



Good to hear your feeling a bit better today, it does cause some nasty side effects.🤗😎Ellsey


Glad you are feeling a bit better, I also reacted after Gem, I would get the shakes a bit but it does contain alcohol and I dont drink a lot, Yes headachy as well that evening but panadol would sort that for me, I did get blurry from time to time totally out of the blue but nothing major. Best wishes


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