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Morning ladies hope your all taking it easy today! I have been sent some information on alternative treatment that makes good reading and I know some of you have posted questions re this in the past I'm not sure if we r allowed to post such stuff on here so if u r interested msg me and I will arrange somewhay of sharing it with you or if anyone can advise if I'm allowed to post it?


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  • Hi Alison - I'd be very interested! I've tried to message you but for some reason my phone won't allow it ( and I'm a bit of a techno novice )!!

    Could you message me? Xx


    Have a look at this and I AV more info in hard copies that I will try and get onto a message

  • Hi Alison - I'd be interested as well if you're able to send a link perhaps? Or is it only hard copies that you've got? x


    Oh think I might have done it now also have a hard copy of more info will try and send u that soon xx

  • Hi Alison would definitely be interested, got to keep an open mind

    L x

  • Yes I would be very interested hope you are well please could you message me with the other options

  • Thanks for posting Alison, I do lots of "complementary" stuff, including this, and when you hear that an oncologist was considering this for a family member you know that there must be something in it! If any of you are interested there is an excellent facebook group called cancerucan, full of like-minded people looking at complementary and alternative treatments, some excellent info on there !

  • Hi Jan Thanks for the information will have a look how are you doing?

  • Not too bad, finished second line in Dec, then on a trial drug, which I had to stop a few weeks ago as the cancer is on the move again- so I'm on "watch and wait" and increasing supplements and complementary therapies to try and get on top of it! How are you doing ?

  • urgh sorry to hear that bloody thing it is. I finished my first line 29/1 had complete citoreduction after op so thought I would be ok for a while anyway I'm not I have no tumours but very very small thickening of the diaphragm so was on watch and wait my second scan showed very minimal progression was going to watch and wait again but my CA125 had gone to 1600 really don't get CA125 so we decided to start 2nd line Gem/Carbo which I'm finding much harder than carbo/taxol.

    When you next due in clinic? which trial was you on? have you been offered olaparib?

  • I found second line tough too- it was carbo/caelyx for me. I was on the Ariel 3 trial with Rucaparib vs a placebo- not sure whether I was on the drug or placebo, and still can't get the bloody drug company to tell me! Anyway I am feeling very well at the moment, so that's a good thing! I have been going to the Wednesday clinic because I was on the trial, but I suspect that will change to Thursday now I'm off it- we will have to share clinic dates and hopefully meet up ?

  • yeah lets do that it will be nice to see you again

  • Hi Alison I would like to see the information thanks xx

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