I have been reading through all the posts and was wandering if any of you wonderful ladies can answer a question that has just popped into my head.

I have noticed a lot of post saying their treatment is six chemo, surgery and then further treatment.

I am stage 3c PPC and have been told 3 Taxol / Carbo , surgery three more post surgery, and the 1 year Avastin I just wondered why we are all treated differently yet we are all diagnosed simular.

The Dr said this type is treated the same as OVC but a lot of you lovely ladies seem to have six chemo then surgery.

Ellsey XX

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  • Hi Ellsey,

    I think it may be down to the oncologist. I know I had my op first then chemo so different again.



  • My treatment was surgery first followed iby 6 chemo (I've just had number 3) but that was due to the fact that I was being investigated for a reasonable large complex mass which indicated it was probably cancerous, so it was all taken out. Chemo now to kill off any cancerous cells floating about.

    I think it depends on the stage, type and grade of cancer found or suspected.

    Take care

    Clare x

  • Agree with Choski reply below it depends how much they know about the cancer. I had a biopsy of deposits in omentum so the team knew exactly what my cancer was (stage 3c serous). Due to the size of the mass, connecting both ovaries I had 3 chemo (carbo/plat) debulking surgery / full hysterectomy then 3 more carbo/plat. Last 2 carbo plat also included avastin. I have 10 more avastin to go.

  • Thank you for your replies, the question popped into my head .

    Ellsey xx

  • Hi ellsey

    I'm stage 4 ppc. Diagnosed last May. I had 3 chemo, surgery, then chemo with avastin.

    I had chemo first to reduce tumors ,followed by chemo after surgery to mop up any or as much cancer as possible.

    Best wishes

    Judy x

  • Thanks Judy

    I suppose I want to know to much.

    Ellsey xx

  • Hi

    I was told I would need chemo first followed by surgery but on the day of my laparoscopy the 20 cm tumour in my abdomen had reputured so they went ahead and did hysterectomy and debulking. Chemo to follow.

    The surgeon said to me that it's easier to do the debulking if the tumours have shrunk. Not sure what others have been told.

    Sarah X

  • I had surgery first and debulking. I think now the norm is to do some chemo first and then surgery and more chemo. I don't know if that is what has proven to be best or just a trial thing. I don't think there is any one answer to any questions about this disease. Prayers for you. I think that has been proven to help. :))

  • Same as you. Stage 3c PPC. Ive had 4 cycles then op then 2 more cycles. 18 sessions of avastin. Only had 4 before as op has been delayed.

  • I had surgery in 2012. Then one dose of chemo. In 2015 surgery. In 2016 three chemo. I think it depends on the site and how much invasion there is


  • There are usually two standard options... 3x chemo, surgery, 3xchemo. Or, surgery followed by 6x chemo. It will depend on the surgical plan but is ( I think) intended to enable the surgery to be as successful as is possible. Sometimes there are extra doses of chemo added in either because of a trial regime of chemo, or if midway surgery is delayed. Also sometimes, people have fewer chemos either because of side effects, patient choice or following a midway scan a decision to stop due to response. Thee will of course be differences either with us as individuals or some surgeons' preferences... Xxx

  • Hi Ellsey

    I had no surgery which begs the question why not ? Having read many posts though and they go vary with operation half way through or state end

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