Something to hold an ipad?

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for a sort of pillow holder for my ipad. Ok, that's a really bad description. But something that can hold you ipad in bed. I looked on google and found a few suitable ones but nothing that comfortable. (They were all plastic) Does anyone have any ideas where / or what might work. Thanks a lot! Hope you all have a great weekend :D Kate X

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  • Have a look at this Kate.....might get one myself I feel like my Ipad is an extension of myself sometimes😂😂😂


  • I have found a website called Live Well With Cancer and I'm sure I saw some cushion-type things on there.

  • Hi Kate, sorry, me again. I got the name of the website wrong. Here's the link to the cushion I was thinking of:


  • I got a small iPad cushion off Amazon to take into hospital, it worked a treat.


  • HogwartsDK & Yoshbosh & ellseybellsey - Thanks for the suggestions and links. I went with Live Better With in the end :D Super handy website for my needs. Thanks again :D Kate X

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